Jenn Carrillo’s day job

By:  Diane Benjamin

Do you choose Freedom and Liberty or Socialism?  Jenn’s day job is selling socialism.  If her side wins history proves people will die.  Socialism has never worked and never will!

Jenn narrated this video.  Yes it has a lot of truth, but her solution will destroy America.

If you don’t understand what is at stake, you better watch.  The Constitution is the answer, socialist have never read it.  More government is NOT the answer.

12 thoughts on “Jenn Carrillo’s day job

  1. What’s your day job? Spreading racism and fear and misinformation? Socialism? You wouldn’t know socialism if Karl Marx came up behind you and gave you a gigantic wedgie. All countries have some socialism including this country. It’s the social safety net that should keep people safe and fed. It’s failing for many people in this country who are now going hungry in the wealthiest place in the world. Countries that have greater socialism than we do are faring better than the United States.


    1. KK you forgot one K in your avatar name. BTW what is your day job? In my case I am retired so I have time to disprove BS slung by a SJW like you. I think to a certain degree that is what the person you attack status is. My guess KK is you would not know what it means to do an honest day’s work.

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    2. Have you been to any of the countries you so admire? NOT as a typical tourist or on some “work jaunt”? I have, they are not nearly the paradise you believe them to be – now moving on. Also, the only people “going hungry” here (except maybe now since the LEFT has ginned up a bad flu into an economy destroying fear mongering MESS) are those who either mismanage the benefits they receive, or don’t go to ask for any help anywhere. Stop living in some fairy tale land where all of the “White Knights” wear a government name tag. Socialism in it’s typical form, is basically communism, and millions of people all over the world have died because they either fell for the trick or they defied the trick and were killed or “disappeared”, learn some REAL history. The old “people going hungry” thing has always been one of the lies used by socialist leaders to prey upon the compassionate in order to bring them into the fold.

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  2. Just in the first 20 seconds Jenn’s narrative is false and she could realize this is she really did step out of the box as a true revolutionary to explore the work of information analysists rather than regurgitate a script written for her from just another propaganda writing specialist. She lost me at hello.

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    1. This is how Jenn makes a living. People like her and in the media such as CNN, Colbert, Sandra Bee and the like have a great fear. If Trump were to lose the election they would have nothing to do. Talk to a lame base of people who made them rich by catering to their hate.

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  3. Hey KK how many trillions of dollars is our government in debt? Every American is $74,000.00 in debt we sure need to go totally socialist to fix it read up on Venezuela to truly see how that will work for you.

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    1. And $74K is actually way understated – It assumes we will drastically cut Social Security and perhaps default on some other obscure debts when promised payouts come due and we don’t have the money.


  4. Sorry, I WILL NOT give Jenn ANY of my time, as I already know that most EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is just pure BS, and not even good for garden fertilizer, let alone listening to. IF I want to listen to this kind of CRAP, there’s plenty of it on TV, maybe she SHOULD get a DAY JOB, with maybe, CNN or some other channel with a lean like hers. It would THEN be fun to watch TRUMP take her ‘fake news” and spin her a new pygidium!

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