City of Refuge Church: GOP not allowed!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember when Nikita Richards campaigned during a church service?

City of Refuge Church must have decided they messed up with Nikita, so the GOP was invited to speak at the church.  Various dates were discussed and then all mysteriously cancelled.

Four candidates where going to come BEFORE a service to meet with anyone who wanted to hear their message.  They weren’t going to speak during a service like Nikita did.

The final date decided on was October 17th.  The meeting time was set at 6:10.  That morning McLean Republic Chair Connie Beard received a text message cancelling the event.

I have a lot of the text messages sent from the church and Connie.  I’m not going to post the messages because a person’s name at the church is used, Connie doesn’t think that person was making the decisions, she was simply following directions.  The texts show the church confirmed the GOP appearance the DAY BEFORE – October 16th.

One GOP couple didn’t get the message the event had been cancelled.  They showed up on the 17th.  The congregation was told the GOP did not respond to their invitation!  

More lying in a church.

Is the real reason for cancelling so minorities are kept from hearing a different message?  They might find out they have been lied to for votes and that the GOP aren’t racists – they just want prosperity for ALL.  Are Democrats afraid of that message?  Do Democrats have to keep the black community isolated in order to win elections?

Maybe they cancelled because Kathy Michael was one of the four planning to attend.  The others were Rebecca McNeil, Chuck Erickson, and Dave Selzer.

Maybe they thought the GOP had no interest in attending and wouldn’t show up, did they just want to make it look like they weren’t bias?   Do they teach skin color is all the matters?  Connie Beard left two messages at the church yesterday, no response.

Maybe the locals who think they are Democrats should research #WalkAway.

Freedom awaits!




5 thoughts on “City of Refuge Church: GOP not allowed!

  1. I too hope that there are many walking away, even if it is quietly and they only show it by voting RED – Everyone knows what happens to “runaways”, they are chastised soundly by the overseers so I can fully understand them being reluctant to openly walk away, this goes double for pretty much any minority because the Dems fully believe they OWN them because they toss them a bone or a little pat now and then – don’t sell your vote and soul so cheaply people, see the light – I did LONG ago now so trust me when I say I KNOW the pressures they are under to keep toeing the line.

  2. It’s “henhouse crap” like this that CAUSES rifts between the parties AND the races!! This should not be tolerated especially by a CHURCH, which is supposed to welcome ALL people and be unbiased.. Nikita’s OWN people just shot her in the foot…

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