Nikita: Lying in Church

By:  Diane Benjamin

If breaking the law by campaigning in churches isn’t bad enough, Nikita Richards must think congregations will fall for anything – including lies.

Nikita really has nothing to run on, so she has created division and racial tensions by claiming discrimination and voter suppression.  She has to create her own fact to do it.  She likely thinks no one will know what she says inside churches.  She’s wrong.

In this clip Nikita declares delaying early voting for the primary by Kathy Michael broke the law.  That is a flat-out lie, Nikita doesn’t mention the Bloomington Election Commission and many other election authorities around the State also delayed early voting because of a court case that would have affected the ballot as I report here:

Nikita wasn’t done with the lies though.  In this clip she claims to have seen “trickery” happening with mail-in ballots.  She has no proof, doesn’t cite any evidence, but makes the crowd think Kathy Michael doesn’t have the integrity for the job.  It’s obvious who lacks integrity Nikita!

Voting based on skin color violates everything Martin Luther King stood for.  MLK would be appalled with people who listen to lies and base their vote on what they hear without ever checking facts.  Nikita Richards would make MLK furious because she promotes racial division instead of truth.

Nikita deceived members of west side churches within their sanctuaries.  They should reject her quest for power with lies the same way MLK would.  The lessons of the past are lost on Nikita:

  Most churches oppose abortion based on biblical principles of life beginning at conception.  Nikita doesn’t believe that.  Does she tell the congregations that fact?




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    1. Or, if this Church allows political campaign speeches, it IS time to take away their
      tax free status. How much land does this Church own, including future Church use and Cemeteries? It all has a non tax status.

  1. The far-left in Bloomington-Normal is going all chips in on this next election cycle. They don’t care. Of course not, the local media doesn’t question them or the fact that no one in or running for local government is addressing real issues like the declining economy in the Twin Cities. Seriously, has anyone stated the obvious problem we’re facing?! Nope. Instead, we’re discussing social justice and voting dates.

  2. Would a religious institution be endangering tax exempt status by allowing such political pandering expounded from its altar ? Is Reverend Niki concerned with violating the moral laws of the Deity ? This whole situation is distasteful. I believe that this candidate
    will be judged by the court of public opinion in November.

  3. The Trump administration signed a Executive Order allowing political speech in churches. “Trump promised during the campaign to dismantle the Johnson Amendment, which bans tax-exempt organizations like churches from political speech and activities. His executive order relaxes IRS enforcement of that ban. While the executive order signals a promise kept, fully repealing the Johnson amendment would require Congressional action.”

    Actually scientifically, life doesn’t begin at conception. At fertilization there’s not a “human”; there are only thousands of cells. It’s very different to say that there is LIFE than that there is HUMAN life. A human is a body with eyes, heart, brain, skin etc. At conception there is no more than epithelial cells or liver cells. A group of cells do not meet the standard of human life. Also please inform me where exactly does the bible state life begins at conception? It doesn’t.

  4. Again where in the bible does it say life begins at conception? It doesn’t. Republican have also campaigned in churches. Trump removed the IRS penalties.

  5. So that’s suppose to be a scientific treatise on life beginning at conception? I don’t think so. You’re taking one praise out of context. 3,000 year ago no one had any concept of cells dividing and forming anything much less a human. Both abortion and infanticide were widespread during biblical in history.

    The Psalm has to do with God’s knowledge of man. It’s about omniscience of God is the point of the Psalm not the conception of life.

    “God is acquainted with man, for He holds him surrounded on all sides, and man can do nothing, if God, whose confining hand he has lying upon him (Job 9:23), does not allow him the requisite freedom of motion. Instead of דּעתּך (XX ἡ γνῶσίς σου) the poet purposely says in Psalm 139 merely דּעת: a knowledge, so all-penetrating, all-comprehensive as God’s knowledge.With ממּנּי the transcendence, with נשׂגּבה the unattainableness, and with להּ לא־אוּכל the incomprehensibleness of the fact of the omniscience of God is expressed, and with this, to the mind of the poet, coincides God’s omnipresence; for true, not merely phenomenal, knowledge is not possible without the immanence of the knowing one in the thing known. God, however, is omnipresent, sustaining the life of all things by His Spirit, and revealing”.

      1. Science and church have nothing to do with each other? LMAO So, the “church” disregards science? How convenient. When exactly has the bible “proven” science is wrong? It hasn’t because the bible wasn’t written as science or even history. The Psalm your “quoting” as to do with the omniscient knowledge of God, says nothing about abortion. It doesn’t even mention abortion. I fact is that the bible has nothing to very little to say about abortion. In biblical times both abortion and infanticide were widely practiced because a fetus in the womb was not considered a human in ancient societies.

    1. Oh, my. I disagree! The very Hebrew you cite demonstrates a deep, intimate, and omniscient knowledge of a human being. Other Hebrew phrases demonstrate that from the very beginning of a human’s life, God has created that person, fashioned them like a potter who conceives of a specific design, then carefully molds and crafts them. The Psalm demonstrates that from a person’s conception in the mind of God, they are deeply known and have great value to their Creator. The point of this discussion about abortion, therefore, is understanding that destroying a human, God’s beloved creation, His artistry, from the very moment the Creator begins fashioning them, is abborent to God. Do you believe that God is the Creator? Do you believe that the Bible is His Word? If not, the point is moot, anyway, since you cannot argue from a belief you do not have.

  6. when your comments prove you have no interest in facts and know nothing about the Bible, poof- they disappear

  7. Afro-americans have been the patsys for the democrats for the last 40 years. Will they ever learn? Not with their current leaders.

    1. Stop calling elected officials leaders. They are elected to be our representatives. They only think they are leaders but their failures prove otherwise.

  8. WMBD ran the story showing Nikita Richards and lying. Wonder if the local trash will run it. Thank you Diane.

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