Coliseum: Where is David Hales?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Within a 1/2 hour of receiving the Coliseum Concession documents, I had the numbers plugged into the spreadsheet shown in this story:

It wasn’t difficult and I did it for FREE!

Last year David Hales earned almost $240,000:

hales pay

Hales didn’t have time in more than seven years as City Manager to do the same thing?

Did you notice the Pantagraph story and WJBC left out any comments I made about David Hales being responsible?  Yes – I put the blame clearly on his shoulders.  Both supposed media sources edited him out.

Hales is paid HUGE bucks to manage the City.  He ignored my reporting going back to 2013 and Judy Stearns’ demand for an investigation in 2014.  My lawsuit was filed in 2015, he still didn’t investigate?  He does get over a month off every year, maybe securing taxpayer dollars couldn’t fit on his calendar.

Meanwhile the Council sings his praises and grants him big raises.  The minutes of Executive Sessions, where Hales’ raises are discussed, are NEVER made public.  The Council doesn’t want you to know what they say.

I wonder if a public discussion about firing (or arresting Hales) will take place?  Just asking!

Here are the scenarios I see going forward:

  • Renner will throw Hales under the bus and declare himself a great leader to win re-election
  • The Council will throw Hales under the bus to save their re-elections
  • The City will declare the audit is done and everything is fine
  • The State Police comes in to investigate and the chips start to fall

The only acceptable option is the State Police.  Renner and the Council sat on their hands for years knowing concessions were never audited.  The City and the current Council (Lower excluded since he voted with Judy Stearns in 2014) can not be trusted to investigate possible corruption with taxpayer money because they have proved they have no interest it doing it.

The outcome might be up to what citizens demand!

Contact Jason Chambers – State’s Attorney.  Somebody impartial needs to be involved.



Just one more note:

According to Hales’ resume, when he applied for the job here he was making a LOT less:

Hales salarySee the resume here: Hales, David A






  1. Perhaps the shortfall of $ went into someone’s pockets? It wouldn’t be the first time. Why not take your evidence to the IL Public Ingregrity Unit?


  2. Maybe one of the many Asst. City Managers Hales has will be thrown under the bus? Maybe that’s the reason we have so many?


  3. I predict this is going to end with Hales being fired, Renner resigning, and unprecedented losses at the Coliseum due to the current VenuWorks fiasco. The entire council should be recalled for incompetence and abdication of responsibility.


  4. The spin is always a combination of deny, deflect and blame. Accepting responsibility is never an option for an elected politician. Renner knew about the problem with the Coliseum/CIAM. It was Renner who made the proposal to Judy Stearns to begin an investigation in 2014. It is on tape and should be in the meeting minutes. On many occasions, citizens spoke during public comment about auditing the Coliseum/CIAM. He cannot fein ignorance. Renner is just as much to blame as Hales. After all, the two of them control what is put on the agenda. The other Council members should have pushed for the financial information from CIAM prior to forming a Budget Task Force–before raising taxes. Hales should have been fired as a result of the Emily Bell IMRF pension spiking. Maybe the bond rating should have taken into account the fact that contracts are not enforced which results in millions of uncollected tax dollars.


  5. Contact Jason Chambers??????? Are you serious! Yes, I know he’s the states attorney, but you’re going from one incompetent public official to another. The guy’s a joke.

    He’s running unopposed and I have no intentions of voting for him. Never.

    The only acceptable option is to call the State Police.


  6. Who can bring in the state police to investigate? Just wondering about the procedure. Letter campaign?


  7. FIND OUT who is the “go to” person at the I.S.P and publish their name, phone, address, and call AND write until this is resolved! This crap with CIAM goes MUCH deeper.
    Think about it, Hales/and or Renner HAD to be in on the take, otherwise, WHY did they let 3 years go by on “trust” That’s NOT management, it’s complacency !!



  1. […] a former Tea Party leader and former C.P.A., published the history of her findings on her website She took the city to court to make public the sales documents that had been kept […]


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