Erik Rankin: WE AGREE!

By:  Diane Benjamin


We can agree on some things!  Erik wrote a response on the ISU website to this question:

rankinHis answer is excellent.  Read it for yourself here:


Besides being assistant to the chair and undergraduate advisor, Department of Politics and Government, Erik is a member of  the McLean County Board – Democrat.






34 thoughts on “Erik Rankin: WE AGREE!

  1. Seriously? Rankin’s opening statement starts with the usual bullcrap spoken by a local shill for the democrats, no less a professor of politics and government. Lol. “We ended up with two deeply unpopular general election presidential candidates for a myriad of reasons.” IMHO let me start with the Hildabeast. She is unpopular due to the reports of her being unfit due to her health. Nobody wants her finger on the button of nuclear warheads. Her resume is chock full of BIG money interests. There is the massive failure of Benghazi, thousands of government interest emails on an insecure server, lying under oath. Through the Clinton Foundation favors were apparently traded for big donations to said foundation. These simple obsevations of course do not make Mr. Rankins myriad of reasons. Still trying to cya, I see. Actually the list is too large to continue.

    Trump however IS popular with the people as he has attacked the political correct crap of just opening up and speaking his mind. The msm that has supported the Hill from day one, attacks Trump by taking out of context the subject matters that should be front headlines to discussion that are imperative to putting America first. He is the only candidate that openingly admits that yes we need to Make America Great Again, while the other wants you to beleive that we’re all doing great. That Trump is spot on when he notes that so called free trade agreements such as NAFTA need to be repealed. (Which Bill Clinton championed and signed into law putting the big push on American jobs being shiped overseas.)

    When Hillary has rally a couple of hundred people might show up. When Trump has rally several thousand WILL show up. Popularity Mr. Rankin? Typical cya from a local democrat, that is asserting that both candidates are alike so flip a coin and choose. It’s easier to cheat at 50/50 rather than the landslide of popular vote that Trump is well on his way to achieving.

      1. He hit it on the head. I have explained almost like a script to people why I find neither candidate to be appealing. Clinton thinks she can do what she wants no matter how illegal it is. Trump is an entertainer. He doesn’t get how to run a country. When people try keep him on point, he can’t resist being a showman and reverts back to his alt-right policies. He courted a bad element that won’t help with undecided voters. He has switched so much staff on his campaign that no one can come up with a plan. The GOP is now focusing on not losing the Senate and House. There are supporters who are abandoning him. McCain even sounds like he thinks Clinton will win.

      2. By “He” I am referring to Eric Rankin, not wookie. I wasn’t clear in my post. Or just think of me speaking sarcastically to wookie’s comments. I agree that Either works 🙂

        I agree that this election will come down to two choices that many people don’t want. I will
        add that many people feel ignored by both parties and that fuels the rise of people like Trump and Sanders.

      3. I do remember when you supported Mitt Romney and with that support you made it clear that to not support Romney would aid Obama. With that said it makes perfect sense that you would support Trump to avoid the Obama endorsed H. Clinton. The lame stream media polling is reporting Johnson at 7% and Stein at 2%.

        Now we are faced with a similar situation in which a vote for either Johnson or Stein is an anti-Trump vote givng the lean to Clinton which will be Obama on steroids. The continued ridicule of this reality is a parroted endorsemnet of Obama policies through the election of H. Clinton. If it is not perceived that Trump wins in a landslide then the rigged election will be easier to sell to the dumbed down masses of a Clinton win and four more years of social and economic hell, and the further evisceration of our God given rights via the Constitution.

        I support Trump because of the above and because the other people that I believe would do a much better job than him or the other choices are not on the ballot.

    1. Typical response of a follower of the orange one. Be careful, when the orange one loses, and loses massively, he’ll come after you wanting to be paid for you repeating his blubbering nonsense.

      1. Gary Johnson believes in mandatory vaccinations. That’s a libertarian? Roll up your sleeves BNIndy and submit to the CDC for all of your health decisions. Good luck!

  2. The comments from my post regarding the Hildabeast are common fact unless of course you all are still feeling the after effects of too much brainwashing from the main stream media outlets for your national news. (At least you found your way here for valid local news.) That said however, the editor supported loser Mitt Romney and Lyin’ Ted Cruz so I guess it is difficult to now support the Donald. Bring on the attacks if you must. I stand steadfast.

    1. And, your comment above “That’s a libertarian?” I don’t care how it’s labeled, I don’t see my vote relating to any political party, whether it be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Whip, Green, Tea whatever. I don’t care about the party, I care about their views, policies, etc. Political parties and partisanship have ruined this country and brought us to the pathetic choice we have this November. It’s a choice of which sh!t sandwich you want. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

      1. Maybe you don’t care which party they affiliate with but the candidates most certainly so your vote does relate. Just because you may not vote a straight party ticket does not absolve you from a candidates chosen label. Johnson is still a libertarian and there isn’t a darn thing you can do to change that.

      1. “wookie” was very much on target. Your failure to recognize it is consistent with your posts on this channel.

  3. “Considering Trump never received close to 50% of the Republican vote, I think the article states the obvious.” Which vote is that? The one in which the republican primary started with 17 or so other candidates? What is your method of qualification regarding “not even close?” Is that a trick question from one of Prof. Renner’s classes? Could it be the known skewing by the main stream media or establishment polling? But for whatever it is worth, fact is that the final delegate count was1,725 delegates for Trump out of the 2,472 assigned by the party. That’s 69.8 percent of the total which of course is more than a misleading quip you mentioned.

      1. I don’t think it was rigged so much as there are folks who will believe anything a crafty salesman tells them. To be sure, there are folks who don’t pay attention to the government, but suddenly you blame immigrants as the cause of all our ills and then you get a huge following. The wall would be the equilvalent of a middle aged guy buying a sports car for no other reason but he his getting old and can’t perform in bed anymore. You still have the tax code and out-of-control spending to worry about and I don’t see that happening with a billion-dollar wall. Trump’s whole campaign is The Wall, Muslims, and making fun of his opponents. Nothing about infrastructure, fiscal policy, encouraging businesses to grow, preparing for job needs of the future, campaign reform. A wall won’t stop pay-for-play and cronyism which as you have researched, does a ton a damage. Trump is giving the people who corrupt our country cover. But the people who do see it are finally dropping their support.

      2. Legal or illegal, at this point I think no matter how who got here, Trump thinks you are the reason our country is failing. Especially if you are Muslim. Does he realizes there are light-skinned Muslims? Or that Al Qaeda taught it’s recruits to act American? They also intentionally recruited Chechans to cut down on suspicion from Western governments. Or that a Muslim can come into this country totally fine but get radicalized due to any number of issues? You might as well take freedom of religion out of the Constitution or stipulate you need to be Christian or Non-Muslim. Sorry. Went off on a tangent.

  4. @ BNIndy (why do I bother?) anyway vaccine rate thirty years ago was about 1:10,000 now it is 1:45. Gee, I guess you missed those pharmaceutical commercials on tv all day noting multiple side effects for taking their drugs. Pay attention to what they say and then tell yourself (and your loved ones who have children of vaccine schedule ages) that vaccines are safe, nothing to worry about,,,trusting the CDC is a.o.k. Test yourself and see if you can do that with a clear conscious.

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