Official Misconduct: Gov Credit Card Use

By:  Diane Benjamin

I hope the Illinois State Police investigation doesn’t take two years in the Bloomington case, but charges were filed against a former Champaign County official in September for personal use of a government credit card in 2015:

Former Champaign County Supervisor of Assessments Joseph Meents, 44, of Fisher, charged in September 2017 with eight counts of official misconduct in connection with the alleged misuse of a county credit card during the last quarter of 2015.

The total charge of Margot’s plane ticket was more than the total Meents is accused of charging – $1,133.57.

Meents also paid the money back, but not until the illegal charges were found.  Quote from the story:

Meents paid the money back within weeks of the unauthorized charges coming to light.  Farney said he received a tip and began looking at financial reports.

Another case of nobody checking the statements.  Sound familiar?  Why did it take a tip?

If convicted, Meents faces 2-5 years in jail.

Ready the story:






10 thoughts on “Official Misconduct: Gov Credit Card Use

    1. Or “on display” in a nice sturdy dog run with a top (so he can’t climb out) on the Courthouse square (so his downtown homies can easily visit him) But I admit I am indulging in pleasant fantasies. Just him having to resign in disgrace would be good.


      1. yanoo…

        If he would subject himself to that, I’d call the whole thing even…

        after he resigned from everything…

        And, of course, after I unload a bushel (there should be limits) of every rotten thing I could find in Rosie’s dumpster on him.

        I’d be even MORE square with it if there was a banishment clause included.

        The only reason I don’t go for the ‘Golden Trifecta’, (the tar-and feathering), is because I think it would be really messy. The poor chickens….50 gallons of tar…boiled hot…people splashing it all over, Tari accidentally being set on fire…

        You see my point.

        So, to set the record straight. I am a ‘YAY!’ for the stocks; EACH citizen aged 5 or over would have a bushel limit (I called dibs on the dumpster); with a banishment clause, and a ‘nay’ to the tar-and-feather business.

        Thank you


  1. That’s it! THAT is the answer! Hoards of people would show up downtown to throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at Renner in the stocks. Wow, just think of how vibrant the downtown could be with an opportunity of the peasants to rightfully speak. Once the rotten eggs start flying, people would come from miles around to participate. Oh what a glorius time this could be! Yes, once again the downtown would be vibrant! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!


  2. The above linked article from the news-gazette is awesome! Bloomimgton stakeholders (that could be anyone, in their own terms, lol) interested in city government could mail copies of this to the mayor to remind him of the consequences of illegal behavior.


    1. Yeah send multiple copies to council as well. Remind them of their complicity, perhaps encouraging them to cover their asses and pressure Renner to resign rather than they get caught up in his illegal activity themselves. Council has demonstrated little to no moral compass although self preservation might come to light.


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