Sonetz – Mohr accident video

By:  Diane Benjamin

The only reason I am posting this information is because so many people have questioned the conclusions drawn by prosecutors.  When the son of a government employee is involved everyone wants to make sure justice was done.  It should happen with every accident, but I can understand being suspicious.

I filed two FOIA requests with the State Police.  To receive the video from the surveillance camera .41 miles away, I had to pay them $20.  The quality of the video makes seeing what happened very difficult.  I’ve watched it many times and had some other people watch it as well.

We have determined that Mohr was in the intersection on a yellow light and Sonetz did enter the intersection on red.  The accident happened between 12-15 seconds on the 1 minute video.  You can see the lights change, the hard part is watching the lights and the vehicles at the same time.

I still have questions.  I did not receive a written report from the accident reconstruction team.  I have requested it if one exists.  I also see no proof that a subpoena was issued for Mohr’s cell phone.  Sonetz’s family voluntarily turned hers over.  Mohr’s phone should have been checked.  Witnesses have changed their story.  Right after the accident the person behind Sonetz claimed she had a green light.  Unless the lights weren’t working properly the video tells a different story.  The angle shows the lights from Mohr’s direction, but not hers.  By the time the witnesses glanced at the light it could have been green.

The police report says conditions were wet, the video appears to show snow.

You will have to watch this video more than once, it will still be hard to see what happened.  This is a tragedy that is and will continue to be difficult for all parties.  I hope this ends speculation on the facts.

The three small lights in the middle of the video are the traffic lights.

Video has been removed at the request of the family.


5 thoughts on “Sonetz – Mohr accident video

  1. The intersection of Yuton/Rabb and Federal Highway 150 is a bit tricky. Traveling East or West the traffic signals are six lanes across from where you should stop. The only device that tells you where to stop for a red light is an often worn white line. The distance between the signals and where to stop can be confusing. At night even more so. It can be a dangerous intersection for those not accustomed to it. I avoid it when possible. It is poorly designed, very confusing, quite dangerous, and a of a curse upon the citizenry,
    which reminds me; what has Tari been up to?


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