ISP – the written accident report

By:  Diane Benjamin

As I reported last week, my FOIA for the accident reconstruction report included only video and pictures.

I assumed a written report had to exist, this morning I received it.  I’m not going to post the entire report because it contains graphic pictures of the vehicles.  I will send it to anyone who requests a copy because it is public information, email me:

The report clearly states Mohr was not wearing a seat belt, but according to Jason Chambers’ memo he wasn’t ticketed for it:    Jason Chambers Sonetz Mohr

The report is 85 pages long.  The two witnesses were behind the victim at the stop light.  The first was in a Tahoe which blocked the view of the second witness.  The two witnesses were on the phone with each other when the accident happened.  Both were interviewed at the scene and again by phone on March 15th.  The two witnesses has discussed the accident with each other since the accident.  The report does show conflicting accounts of what they said to each other directly before the crash.  One claimed they mention the Mohr vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, the other doesn’t remember.  One claimed the other said “No . No . No ..Don’t go”, the other doesn’t remember saying that.

The report claims Mohr increased speed from 66 to 71 miles per hour a half a second before the crash.  The victim was traveling 23.5 miles per hour.

Quotes from the conclusions:

The duration of the southbound yellow light was determined to be approximately 5.01 seconds based on 15 time studies conducted on March 19, 2018.

The duration of the Red Clearance Interval (all lights red in all directions) was approximately 1.07 seconds based on 15 time studies conducted on March 19, 2018.

In my opinion, the less than two seconds the light is red from all directions is too short for the speed on the road.

The report does not say anything about Mohr having a cell phone, ISP requesting to exam one, or ISP issuing a subpoena for his cell phone – if one exists.

The report does conclude the victim slowed down at the red light, but then proceeded without coming to a complete stop.

Jason Chambers need to explain why Mohr was ticketed for the seat belt violation. 

The speed limit on that road according to ISP is 55.  17 miles per hour over the speed limit only warrants a speeding ticket?









8 thoughts on “ISP – the written accident report

  1. Virtually NO ONE stops for stop signs or traffic signals anymore. Just ride around and watch. People roll up to stop signs and just go on through. People sometimes don’t even slow down for right turn on a red signal, they go at their regular speed, and never even think about slowing or stopping.

    As a sales rep traveling my multi-county territory, before retiring, I witnessed this every day, everywhere. When the speed limit goes down from 55 to 45, I rarely saw anyone’s brake lights, indicating they slowed for the new limit. And generally they had just passed my in a no passing zone, going 65, so for sure they would have had to brake to comply.

    The worst of all, when I stopped at a red light, and then looked to see if it was clear, and then made a right turn, invariably the driver behind me, would turn right with me, without ever looking…or stopping.

    My theory behind all of this is: they are not there for traffic safety, that is a myth. They are there, so IDOT can require 32…yes 32..lights at one corner…(I can take a picture) as payback for their buddies in the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance businesses for traffic lights. In addition, now the police, prosecutors, and judges have someone to blame when there is an accident. They could give a rat’s *ss about safety.


    1. Wow, Stan. I thought according to this blog and commenters, bicyclists were the scoflaws creating all of the problems. You’re telling me it’s car drivers?!? Mind blown.


      1. Bicyclists do not stop at intersection either. Defensive driving/cycling–courtesy and awareness–as well as following the rules of the road represent personal responsibility.
        Those who choose not to be responsible are the “scofflaws.” Thinning the herd is the result.


  2. Stan,Many people have perished due to a unique blend of corruption hidden by deliberate incompetence that permeates Illinois’ government, and has for decades.


  3. No the biggest law breakers on the roads today are those on bicycles. They not only never obey street lights or stop signs but they like to pass cars who are stopped at stop signs on the left and right side of the cars. If you ever spend any time in downtown Normal some love riding on the sidewalks. I do however agree with your description of what a majority of drivers are doing on the roads today I witness every time that I am out driving.


  4. It’s everywhere. My wife and I just returned from a three week trip down to Florida and back; 3,100 miles. Drivers in the other states, counties and cities do the same thing drivers here do.


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