Without the king not much business to do

By:  Diane Benjamin

The agenda for last night’s Bloomington City Council meeting was extremely light, Tari hadn’t planned to make it back in time from the US Conference of Mayors.  Serious issues couldn’t happen without his presence.

Judy Stearns returned to Public Comment last night, only four people spoke.  Three of the four represented what a lot of people think, just hit play below to start with Judy, listen through to Gary Lambert.  Common sense does exist in this city, but those folks can’t get elected when only 20% or less vote.  Big government types don’t stay home on election day, so that’s who gets elected.  The 4th person thought Bloomington needed their own flag. By coincidence, Steve Rasmussen mentioned during City Manager comments he found an old one in a drawer in Administration. If it needs updated, the City already has the perfect design:  Three RED arrows pointing down!

The law in Illinois says prevailing wages have to be paid if government is funding the project.  Not only is capitalism usurped when contracts awarded keep competition from bidding, these same unions then donate to political allies so the gravy train keeps coming.  Taxpayers aren’t in charge of government spending, unions are.   Bloomington passed their yearly prevailing wage ordinance last night after meeting with labor guy Mike Matejka.  Prevailing wages must also be paid on projects benefiting from TIF dollars or tax incentives.  Contractors not participating in an  apprenticeship program can’t bid, free market competition isn’t allowed.  Want to know why there is frequently only one company bidding on roads, sewers, etc?  Limiting competition for votes and campaign contributions awards power.  Matejka holds the power, the Council kneels before him.  How many developers are going to avoid Bloomington’s giveaways because they can’t afford to work here?

Fast forward to 52:00 to hear the Cultural Commission discussion.  The entire city needs art, not just downtown.  The current commission has 14 members, but only eight are active, so the commission needs changed to 11 members.  The name change from “district” to just “commission” was passed 9-0, claims were made it won’t cost anything but staff time.  Meanwhile they have been meeting twice a month, it will eventually cost you money.

This discussion epitomizes how the Council is continuing to destroy Bloomington.  Master plans and task force recommendations must be complied with, even if citizens had no input in creating them.  Roads aren’t a priority.  This Council plays to their wants, not returning Bloomington to a city people can afford to live in.   A single lady on a fixed income sent me her Water bill for last month.   It has charges for water, utilities tax, sewer, water reclamation district, garbage, and storm water.  The bill totaled $77.24, the previous month was 82.37 due to water usage.  Her fixed income isn’t going to automatically increase annually, the Council voted to make sure her bill will.

Government programs fail, they always do.  Free market capitalism means somebody is willing to pay for what you want to sell.  It is the only form of exchange that actually works.  The Bloomington City Council wants to charge you for things you don’t want while not providing the things you do.  You got what you voted for, failed Illinois politics is very local now.




4 thoughts on “Without the king not much business to do

  1. Changing the name to Cultural Commission is a power play to control the right fit for a neighborhood/district. It is about “branding” Bloomington. News flash—“cultural districts” develop organically and change over time.
    Simply advertise the amenities. The rest will take care of itself.


    1. Tari and his cabal are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. They concoct these fruitless ideas like rebranding the cultural commission or adding Downtown signage so they can avoid addressing the underlying issues of our local economy and punt on making difficult decisions. How many more high paying jobs left Bloomington while he was in Boston with his pal, Chrissy?


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