Update: Facts matter Nikita

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Supreme Court did rule yesterday on Ohio’s procedures for keeping the voting roles clean.  Purging non-active voters is essential to fair elections.  Some counties in Illinois and some states have more people on the voting roles than citizens.  McLean County isn’t one of them.

That didn’t stop Nikita Richards from putting out #FakeNews:

Nobody in Ohio has been purged for not voting in 2 elections.

After not voting in two elections, a card is sent to the address on file asking the citizen to return the card.  This verifies the desire to remain on the roles.  That person is not removed until they fail to vote for the next FOUR years!  That’s a total of SIX years Nikita.

Nikita Richards should have read the NBC story she linked along with her “media advisory” on Facebook:    https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/ohio-wins-supreme-court-fight-over-voter-registration-n873226

Illinois has early voting, absentee voting, and same day registration.  Nobody is being stopped from voting in McLean County if they really want to, that includes the military.  Connect Transit even has a free bus for transportation!

The last person McLean County needs running the County Clerk’s office is somebody who makes up their own facts!  Debates should be interesting – especially if Nikita plans to use voter suppression as the reason she is running.

See the entire “media advisory” here:  Nikita Richards media advisory

Will “media” actually correct her allegations?  Anyone?  Anyone?

It will be fun to see supports Nikita’s Fake News.


The ACLU joined in the #FakeNews – of course to raise money.  They claimed a voter can be removed for missing ONE election in Ohio.  That is a flat out LIE.  People are waking up to the lies, forget the November blue wave.  From an email:

aclu voting right











20 thoughts on “Update: Facts matter Nikita

  1. I still haven’t gotten over the $909.00 worth of “please take only one” cookies that Nikita bought with city money! Yow! Campaign literature for sure.


  2. I wonder if any emails have been sent from her City of Bloomington email account regarding her campaign. Politicking by an employee using his or her City of Bloomington email account would be a very serious issue and a misuse of taxpayer resources.

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  3. Hold on here. Playing around with voter registration is a can of worms best handled with care. While I agree that is a voter did not vote in a couple elections, then a health update is in order. But however to tell someone in a Free Republic that they must vote or lose the right, should be grounds for the ones making that decision to be terminated. Period. At my age it is a large list of very small to large items of FREEDOMS that have been lost. NO MORE.


      1. Yes you know there are still dead people voting in Chicago and other places. We have the looney left saying and doing all kinds of crazy things (severed heads of the president, hoping for a recession, wanting war with North Korean). It would be naive to think that these people would not want to throw the next election by any means possible. So this is needed to make sure the elections are fair and honest.

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      1. If you have to re-register, your vote HAS been taken away. As I have said, if someone hasn’t exercised their right to vote in a couple of elections, a voter check is called for, but whether you like it or not, if that voter is still alive and kicking, anyone trying to remove them from the voting rolls should be removed also.


      1. In McLean County nobody is removed for at least 8 years and NUMEROUS attempts to contact them. Illinois has same day registration and voting. Unlike Chicago, we prefer dead people not be allowed to vote.


  4. Come,on Hillary ran a FAIR election, so did Putin-JUST that he WON!
    And here ALL the time I thought it was TRUMP spreading the fake news, when ALL ALONG it’s the leftists and then their channel picks it up and claims that TRUMP said it. As Gomer Pyle would say, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

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    1. The corporate media, the Deep State and the Democratic National Committee’s aim was to install Hillary as president at all costs. The real criminality, collusion with Russia and rigging of the primary was carried out by a DNC controlled by Hilary Clinton and her cronies. Wikileaks exposed the fact that publications like the New York Times were sending articles for editing and approval to the Clinton campaign. The real fake news was and is still coming from the mainstream corporate/deep state controlled media. (CNN, Washington Post, NYTs, etc.) The same Hilbots and progressives who still to this day think that Hillary was cheated out of the election by some Putin directed Russian bots run both of these towns. Is it surprising that they are also completely removed from the reality that we all see very clearly? Is it surprising that we have a mainstream media here that always supports the crony capitalist system and the elitist progressives running this area? All across the country there are citizen journalist challenging the establishment to take back our country from the elitists and globalists who have stolen it from us. BLNNEWS, Diane and everyone who contributes to this publication are part of a nation wide effort to shine the light of truth where there has only been darkness. Congratulate yourselves for being part of reclaiming our country and making America great again!

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      1. Yes and they are part of this effort too… The truth will set us all free…. It is what we Americans are about… truth, justice and freedom! Let no man or government infringe on our rights – Are you listening Tari (Terry)? In my mind Tari should be pronounced tar-ee (what happens when you fall in a tar pit) but then I am a working class guy who has little understanding of the motivations of upper class people’s desire to put upscale-like weird names on their offspring, as a badge of identification of their class and their stature.


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