Yes, the Tari criminal investigation continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is the latest response to my FOIA request for the status of the Tari Renner PCard use investigation:


5 thoughts on “Yes, the Tari criminal investigation continues

  1. This response makes me curious about the actual status regarding any alleged case or investigation involving Tari Renner.
    First, Special Appellate Prosecutors are not ordinarily used for general criminal investigations.
    Secondly, these appointments for Special Appellate Prosecutors are typically requested by the local State’s Attorney and procedurally approved as a result of a motion submitted to a court that has jurisdiction in he case – that means there would already have to have been criminal charges filed against Tari Renner.
    And, third, there have not been any charges filed against Tari Renner according the records of McLean County, the county of jurisdiction.
    I say typical, which means there is a limited possibility this could be the case, but again, typically, this would only be cases where the investigation is so complex (and this alleged offense is not) or where a conflict of interest arises with the local state’s attorney (and there is none here).
    I would agree there may be a continuing investigation; who or what that entails, in my opinion, is wholly speculative since there is no confirming evidence provided by the ISP that Tari Renner is a suspect or a person of interest in an investigation.
    It makes me wonder if there are additional documents you might request to confirm there has actually been a special prosecutor assigned to a case, and what case?
    Maybe the actual requests or motions required by statute would provide and verify that there is in fact a special prosecutor assigned and that Tari Renner is actually the subject of an investigation.
    Just a suggestion.


  2. And I would add, the statement in the response that ” the Appellate Prosecutor has asked the Illinois State Police to conduct further investigations”, appears to indicate they could have turned (or rejected) the case back over to the ISP and are not performing or have not performed any investigation themselves.
    All in all, there is many questions and much left to speculation, and as such, makes me curious as to the actual status of the matter.
    Who’s covering who?


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