Chris Koos – Hot Mic

By:  Diane Benjamin

Before the Town Council meeting last night a discussion was caught on hot mic.

It starts with mentions of all the kids showing up at City Hall – evidently arrested after getting caught at a party.

Chris Koos then calls a person crazy – Kevin Simpson.

What does he say about you and me when he thinks nobody is listening?

Hear it for yourself – it’s only 36 seconds:






  1. Disgruntled Dave says:

    Yep, if you have nothing intelligent to say, an ad hominem will always suffice.


  2. Angela Scott says:

    Koos is horrible. As bad as Renner. These Mayors are so disgusting!


  3. Mayor koss is an a **** , a big a **** ,, a crazy a *** . put that in your crack pipe ya crazy a ****


  4. What’s the OLD saying? Takes one to know one??


  5. Uptown Dreams says:

    Koos ought to be thankful for these people because their fines are helping pay for his Uptown.

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  6. BN Deserves Better says:

    “What does he say about you and me when he thinks nobody is listening?” Haha! Koos and Renner hate anyone that disagrees with them or even dares to question them. They rule with an iron fist, intimidating people that speak out, and pandering to their cronies. Their collective answer to everything is higher taxes and bigger government. That to me is crazy!

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    • Both are also hard-core, ideological Marxists. But at least Comrade Koos–to the best of my knowledge, anyway–doesn’t have alcohol abuse issues or clinical personality defects.


  7. Who is Mr. Simpson? A frequent speaker at Public Comment? Koos & Renner have no idea what is said about them when they are not present.


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