District 87 – Reverse Discrimination

By:  Diane Benjamin

Back in 2013 the Bloomington School District #87 was investigated for reverse discrimination because they failed to protect a white student.

The school district signed an eleven point resolution that included this statement:

Is reverse discrimination covered during orientation?

This case resulted in substantial injuries to the student. 

One of the parents in this case thinks District 87 had not complied with #4 in the agreement.

We need to quit pretending discrimination only happens to minorities.  Anybody can be a victim.

Discrimination will never end as long as race matters more than character.


9 thoughts on “District 87 – Reverse Discrimination

  1. As a very conservative Democrat, I absolutely love this blog because I truly feel that I learn more about what is going on in my community than from any other source here in Bloomington/Normal. Oftentimes, I start to read a post with one view, and by the time I finish reading the comments, I come away questioning my first viewpoint and start to search out more information. That is amazing. This blog today, and yesterdays post regarding the BSU is a perfect example of this. I could see where a mother was proud of her daughter but then, I had to start questioning how a candidate for an elected position who stands for equality would push and post something like that. I raised two boys in the Unit 5 school system. My husband and I worked diligently to make sure that they both looked at people as equals only having that viewpoint change if the character of the person was lessor. I called both of my boys last evening and asked them what they would think if they had heard that their school was creating a BSU. Both of their replies were identical: “Why is that needed? Isn’t that racist?” How much more education and resources are going to be needed to the current and future student bodies for them to understand the BSU is not being racist? Why not have that time spent with the current Student Union issues? Is this just not setting the school system up for another reverse discrimination charge?
    Great post!

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  2. Discrimination of anyone on the basis of race is disgusting, regardless of the oppressor or oppressed. It sickens me that we have created a double-standard for so-called protected classes. No one can dispute that if a White Student Union were proposed it would be deemed racist and insensitive and wouldn’t get past the first layer of the approval process. Nothing is served by creating a BSU other than to create categories and further divide us. If this student and her mom really wanted to advance harmony and color-blindness they wouldn’t create or support a group that identifies and labels one specific race in its name.

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  3. A BSU at BHS is no more needed then a little green martian student union. As an Alumni of BHS, I can recall there being “racism” amongst ones own color, no matter WHAT it was, so why aggravate the situation with a BSU? How about a ESU= Equal Student Union? That would solve more then hinder.. Just a thought…


  4. My questions is, what is everyone so against and afraid of when it comes to a BSU? Do you know anything about BSU’s at all the major universities across the US? Have any of y’all done ANY research to know exactly what BSU’s strive for? (My assumption is no because I can’t understand what you’d oppose if you had) Hate to burst any bubbles but, Bloomington Normal is not some bustling, culturally diverse, urban oasis. It’s a heavily white, euro-centric environment. Socially and educationally. Black student unions, Asian student unions, LGBT student unions…. hell ANY minority student union is a way for people to connect with other people that share their culture. Both socially and ideologically. It’s easy as a white person to look around a room and see the majority of folks to be the same as you – white. But if you can’t understand, sympathize, and/or empathize that a person of color, or a person of a minority wants a designated place where they can be with like minded and people who share their culture, where there will be a greater understanding of issues, and less chance of negative stereotypes being present, then maybe you should take a step back and really examine why you have such an issue with a BSU forming at BHS.


    1. There most certainly is a systemic issue, at least in 2013, with racism. It was racism toward a group of Caucasian males by a group of African American Males and District 87 administration. The BSU is based on skin color, just like the decisions of administrators back in 2013 and before. It’s wonderful that black students feel empowered. What about poor white students who experience very similar issues? This “club” does nothing but further divide. It’s shameful and nauseating. I’m sad for this young lady that she is being raised to see skin color instead of human beings.

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      1. Neither my post or BSU’s (or any minority student union for that matter) promotes harassment, discrimination, racism, etc of any type. BSU’s are shameful and nauseating? Sorry my eyes just about rolled out of my head. Please spare me the dramatics. I can tell by your reply that you haven’t the foggiest idea behind the idea of minority led student unions. Student Unions are there to form community, leadership, promote academic success, promote change, etc. And guess what, anyone can join. It’s not like we are going back the the 60s and Jim Crow era where they are going to hang a sign on the door that says “no whites” – there is no “white” student union, same as there is now “white” cultural center. If we are to go with your line of thinking, we shouldn’t have cultural centers either, such African-American cultural centers, Asian-American, Irish-American, etc etc. Because that promotes divide, amiright? Give me a break. As my friend said today while discussing this with me, your line of thinking “it’s the victim role. I have found that, particularly since the election, I have much less tolerance for the cliched ‘White tears’ or ‘i feel attacked’ stuff. Because no. It’s just time to own your shit. If you’re uncomfortable, mentally unpack why. If you’re automatically defensive about a black student union, think about why it bothers you.”

        And in regards to how she is being raised, you can take a seat. Society all to often sends the message that POC and other minorities are less than “human beings”. She isn’t being raised to “see skin color” – she is being raised to know her skin color doesn’t make her anything less and to be empowered by who she is.


      2. You don’t want me to unpack my shit. When 6 children you personally know have been the victims of a hate crime and all 6 of these children are Caucasian and all 12 of the perpetrators are “black” there is a race problem and it’s not white people. It’s blacks, who are wrapped in special little cocoons by District 87! These 6 victims only crime was being white! Why don’t you unpack your shit and call it an African American student union if it’s about culture? Of course not all black people are from Africa. I’m going to guess most of the students in this union are just plain old tegular Americans. But instead you want a black student union? Or better yet if your feeling like a victim, which clearly you are, why do you just name it what it is, an anti equality club. You seem like a racist. In fact I’m sure you are because you assume the color of my skin when you have no idea!


  5. Let’s address this first. If you actually read my post, yes it did contain a quote from a friend of mine that used the phrase “white tears”, but that was a quote in regards to the general backlash at the mere idea of BSU’s forming – so kindly take a seat with you misinformed self. I never once assumed what your race/skin is. Honestly, I don’t care or want/need to know. Whether your white/black/brown/purple/yellow/etc – doesn’t change the fact that you have an ignorant point of view. Your abhorrent refusal towards seeking any education to help you even examine yourself even slightly, is disheartening and makes it apparent that nothing will be gained from this exchange. This, as so often does with online conversation these days, has delved from debate to ad hominem attacks. Can’t say I’m shocked though. So I’ll leave you with this and you can stay here with your head in the sand..

    BSU’s being an anti-equality club is laughable. You do know the reason BSU’s started was because of the lack of equality in the US, right? You didn’t forget Jim Crow and the whole need for the civil rights march, have you? Yes, we have made advancements in this country, but there is so much work left to do. Yes, a BSU will be celebrating black culture, have discussions from a black ideology, help promote the success of black students, etc. And it isn’t like white folks can’t join these student unions. Hell, if a white person wanted to join, great. It would be a great learning opportunity to discuss and listen to people from other walks of life and would promote understanding and respect of each others culture which, would do anything BUT create divide.

    I saw a post that explains precisely why it is okay to have a Black student union and not a White student union…”White Americans have heritages they can be proud of; Irish, Polish, whatever, be bold and be proud to be French even. We have a past. We have a history. Some of our ancestors were vikings, or even a British Blacksmith. Whatever. We can say those things. Black people in American don’t have that luxury, they had their history stolen from them. Most have no idea what country of origin they have. And ‘Africa’ isn’t a country. So they get to be Black. And they get to be proud to be black. Because our whiteness erased their heritage. So when a white person asks ‘Why can they be proud to be black but I can’t be proud to be white?’ Because you’re celebrating things like the erasure of their history and the violence and torture their people suffered at the whim of White America.”


    1. Bullshit. You do realize many white folks came to the US after slavery ended and had no part in your victim narrative. You go on and be a victim, celebrate your racism, and divide based on fallacies! You latest post is even more disgusting than the first. Do you remember the Jim Crow laws? Do you? Or do you cling to them so you can play victim? The only true victim in this is the children who feel empowered by the color of their skin and this children are black. Too bad they refuse to feel empowered by their character. YOU ARE THE WORST KIND OF PERSON! You are a racist!


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