Day of Reckoning Soon?

By:  Diane Benjamin

We might know by the end of the month if Tari Renner is going to be charged with illegal use of government funds pertaining to the Japan trip and possibly more.

Just to recap:

Jason Chambers passed possible legal action off to the Appellate Court Prosecutor.

The State Police did the investigation, but their first investigation was sent back to them by the prosecutor for more investigation.

The State Police has finished their second investigation, it is now sitting in the Appellate Court Prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor assigned to the case has to finish a murder trial before he gets to Renner’s case.

For now, that’s all the details I can legally convey.  Stay tuned.









  1. Cue Jaws music?

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  2. Elizabeth Gruber says:

    Please, please let there be light and justice for us suffering taxpayers.

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  3. old stanky says:

    There’s much work to do at the mayor’s conference of who knows who, and what levers can be pulled for one of their own to walk. That said, still a sacrificail lamb needs to be offered up to the plebs on occassion to keep them in check.


  4. I wonder if the Mayor would resign for those pesky health reasons before any charges get announced? If so, would charges then not be pursued?


    • I believe these are felony charges – I don’t think resigning will make them go away… but who knows… the laws are not for elites and the power brokers.


  5. Just thought I should remind everyone of what Rich said about the people who were commenting on this publication about Hale being a horrible city manager…. he thinks we would wish cancer on Hale? This is of course the lowest and most sinister form of Gaslighting that you can put together. I encourage everyone to reject anything Rich says in the future. He is not worth 15 seconds of anyone’s time. And yes he misspelled the word commentors too.

    Rich says:
    June 1, 2018 at 10:10 am
    Man…you and your commenters are mean. Maybe he’ll get cancer, too.


  6. Tari wants somebody he can control. Obviously Steve isn’t that guy.


    • @tweetiebird says:

      Renner doesn’t have a vote unless it is a tie. Apparently, there will be discussion at the Special Meeting on Monday but there is a very good possibility another Special Meeting will be scheduled for Thursday.

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  7. unless his friends higher up feel he’s not on the big agenda of that party , then he’ll probably escape any accountable reactions . that party seems to squirm out of legalities and formalities like it’s ingrained .


  8. You seriously dont think Tari’s going to be charged with anything do you? There are two sets of laws, laws for you and me and laws for Tari and co.


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