More spiking and other bills

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for 6/11/2018

More Pension Spiking!

1200 hours of paid time @ $44.85 per hour.  The second one doesn’t list the hours.

More vote-buying with your money.  They call it Community Relations to sound nice.

Is Code Enforcement being outsourced now?  Anybody want to FOIA?

Huge Petty Cash at the BCPA has been done before for special events.  I’ve been told it gets repaid but unlike expenses, revenue is never made public.

The Library looks to still be planning on expansion.

Pension Payments:

As of 4/31/2017:

Police pension was 52.2% funded

Fire pension was 48.7% funded


That is after the City paid into these funds in FY 2017:

Police:  $5,815,574

Fire:  $4,947,754


Local Police and Fire should be worried.  See this article:

I wonder if the unions remember Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower voted against budgets because not enough money was going to pensions?  Remember the media praising them?  (I remember the opposite)

Local taxes have already been increased to fund pensions.  Funding levels continue to decline.

I wonder if these people understand there is no money for what they want:


9 thoughts on “More spiking and other bills

  1. The revenue source for Police and Fire pensions as well as salary is supposed to be property tax. The current Council voted to increase utility tax to accelerate funding for Police. The utility tax is regressive and hurts the poor. It is also dependent on usage. Population decline results in decreased usage—duh!!

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  2. Things that could probably be funded instead of pension spiking: road paving/repairs; sewer repairs; paying down bonds on the unprofitable white elephant; a good chunk of a new pool. You could even give hundreds of thousands of dollars a year towards a new employer to come into town, perhaps purchase an empty building or space at the mall.

    I’d rather the road/sewer repairs happen before anything else, unless a new employer was bringing 100+ jobs.

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      1. He is a plumber and drain specialist. Have no idea what he would be doing for the City as a Code enforcer. However, often payments are made from accounts unrelated to the work done.


      2. Haney could be contracted to check all of the plumbing in the new construction at Westminster and other major private projects to ensure it is up to code.
        It would be cheaper to contract out the intire scoping of sewers than to train employees—benefits, benefits, benefits…

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