A Can’t miss story:

By:  Diane Benjamin

The same search firm, GovHR, that found Bloomington’s 3 City Manager candidates also recommended David Hales to Joliet.

A reporter in Joliet wrote on June 3rd about Hales’ first 6 months.  It’s not going well.  This story was on Facebook last night.  If you didn’t see it there, read it here:


The writer mentions some items in the contract Hales has with Joliet, he had the same items here.  His monthly car allowance here was double what he gets in Joliet however.

Also mentioned was Administration doors being locked and the inability to find Hales in his office.  Same as here, people mentioned it during public comment.

Remember, GovHR didn’t tell the Joliet Council about the Coliseum felony charges.  The Bloomington City Council shouldn’t believe what they are told about the Decatur and Washington candidates here.



18 thoughts on “A Can’t miss story:

  1. It’s all just one dirty little swamp isn’t it? The swamp always supports the swamp. These people are MASTERS of what they call “networking”, they have been building all of this tangled web for decades. I was once invited in, many many years ago, I chose not to enter, my instincts told me these people were not good people, and my instincts as usual were right. That’s right, I just said that they are not good people, because that, is a real “inconvenient truth”. I hope Joliet finds a way to dump Hales. It’s about time Karma starts hitting all of these people from the tiniest village all the way to big cities including of course the epicenter of the swamp – Washington D.C. Sadly though many of them have accumulated enough wealth to hold them until they finally leave this earth, but at least they will have lost some influence and the ability to wreck and affect the lives of others.

      1. Yes… and OF COURSE he does, that’s how they do things in that world. However it MIGHT be worth it to get rid of him.

        1. All you have to do is look at the pictures of Hales…. He looks like he would have trouble pouring P…. out of a boot with instructions on the heel. He is an incompetent con man who skated by with the idiots in our government… but he is playing in a different league in Joliet…. and he will not last there.

      2. Once they (if) they figure out what an incompetent he is, it’ll be the best money spent during his tenure. I’m just glad he’s out of here!

      1. No. Of course not, Larry. Because it’s not a local story. It’s a Joliet area story. And it’s not really news. Like this blog.

  2. If Washington is a swamp, then Illinois is a septic tank that squishes when you walk over it.

  3. I FAILED to notice ALL the letters, documents, plans and such in his office. Not even a picture on the wall. And we STILL don’t know WHAT happened in Bend, OR. Do we Mr Hales?? I have some questions about his time in Salt Lake also, as I have a friend who lives there and even HE does NOT speak highly of Hales..

    1. Hales is a time server… not a manager and not a leader… He has already checked out years ago… he is acting a role that he can’t even pretend to be competent for… only in the distorted world of Bloomington Normal could a man like this be in charge of city management – Joliet is already seeing what few here (and none apparently in Government saw). The crony good-old-boy system is all about who you know and how you take care of them. Competence or just a basic ability to do the job you are being paid for are completely optional and not really necessary.

      1. They don’t want to see it. Renner and crew are marching to their puppet masters. It’s one of a few logical explanations when people with a certain amount of reasonable intelligence make so many stupid choices.

    1. A quick skim of Hales resume showed what to expect from him. Two thirds of it focused on his dedication to sustainability protocol of which of on itself is double speak for Agenda 21. Snake oil salesmen all the way. Limited talent only looking out for number one.

      1. Yes, it seems that they have a media that is actually doing journalism… what a novel idea? This is exactly why the mainstream media here is the enemy of the people and the enemy of the people’s right to know the truth. They are PR branches of the establishment who move their narrative forward for them. They are not feared by the establishment… they are part of the establishment.

  4. You people debating what is journalism and what isn’t on THIS blog is freakin’ rich. LOL. Srsly. LMAO!

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