Sage’s man crush

By:  Diane Benjamin

At the Council meeting two weeks ago, where City Manager David Hales got a raise, Alderman David Sage promised a speech praising him at the next meeting.  That meeting was very lengthily, so he wanted to delay his accolades.  Since every vote was unanimous Monday night, the meeting was short.  Sage took the promised opportunity.

Keep in mind the old Coliseum management wouldn’t be under State Police investigation if David Hales hadn’t allowed CIAM to run amok with concession money and other items citizens might find out about someday.

Note:  Yesterday I talked to the State Police.  The investigation is still ongoing, according to them “until we run out of leads”.  

We are still finding out things, besides the never used Fire Station and water tower, which occurred under the last City Manager.  With the almost complete lack of transparency now, long after Hales is gone we will be finding out things Hales did too.  The biggest may be no effort to rein in employee salary and benefits to bring them in line with the private sector.  Or, maybe it will be the MASSIVE spending increases after he supposed saved Bloomington from Armageddon.  Or, maybe it will be all the properties Bloomington has purchased, meaning they lost the property tax income.  Or, maybe it’s something we have yet to find out about.

Keep in mind the Council refuses to release the minutes of their SECRET MEETINGS (Executive Sessions) where performance and salary increases are discussed.  They won’t even release what was said about former City Manager Tom Hamilton – more than 8 years ago!

Monday night the Council held yet another Secret Meeting:

They spent a whopping 5 minutes reviewing minutes for possible release.  That’s just enough time to say “We aren’t releasing anything citizens want to see”.

They also discussed buying yet more property!  Remember this when Patti-Lynn Silva announces later this year that property tax receipts are down.

The council also discussed personnel.  Since Hales is their only employee, what was discussed?  Extending his contract or his departure date?

It’s a secret!

Just hit play below to hear Sage salivate all over Hales.




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