Mboka wants truth hidden

By:  Diane Benjamin

Alderman  Mboka Mwilambwe doesn’t like that these pictures of the damage done by teenagers at McGraw Park are on social media:

I hope he doesn’t like them here either!

The teenagers have been caught after police were called at 2:00am.  According to the Pantagraph, a neighbor of the park followed them until police arrived and arrested them.

Mboka thinks the City needs to be involved because this pic was shared over 100 times on Facebook.  He wonders what that says about Bloomington.

Here’s what it says dude:

  • People are outraged anybody in Bloomington is capable of this crap
  • People are outraged teenagers were running loose at 2:00
  • People can get faster and better news on social media then the old media
  • People care and think the public deserves to know the truth

Government doesn’t need to be involved because government isn’t even capable of fixing the streets! 

Butt out Mboka – government’s job isn’t to lecture the public, censure social media, or tell people what they can and can’t do.

We have fought wars for less.  I know you are a legal immigrant, study some history.

See his comments here – just hit play:

9 thoughts on “Mboka wants truth hidden

  1. That’s stunning. An elected member of the city council who does not want transparency. Must be why Mboka is a frequent tax payer paid lunch partner of Tari’s. Two peas in a pod who would prefer the public not know the truth. Do the constituents in that ward realize the lack of integrity of this individual? Too bad they re-elected him. It’s not as if they weren’t warned.


  2. Many, many proven incidents of “faked” racism going on. Particularly since President Trump was elected. Do we know the “ethnicity” of the perps? Strongly suspect that has something to do with Mwilambwe’s hissy fit.


    1. Yeah, many times the ones leaving graffiti and vandalizing is not the ones it appears to be but it is the other side drumming up sympathy and publicity creating them into a victim status for their race-baiting, race-hustling cause! I remember years ago on night shift at ISU where I work as a janitor in the basement of the CVA men’s restroom someone was printing graffiti on the stall wall of the toilet. They were printing very threatening and mean things about gays. I would report it to my Foreman then ISU PD would take a picture of it then I would remove it with very strong graffiti remover. This continue for quite some and then I got an idea to steak out the restroom. I came one evening an hour early before the start of my shift. I checked that stall and it was clear of any graffiti so I hid outside the restroom and watched. After a short time this grad student went in for several minutes, after he left I went in and checked and sure enough it was their! So I told my Foreman and she called ISU PD. When the officer came I explained to him who was doing it and that this grad student is openly gay and never hides that fact. The officer said he could not understand why a gay person would write such horrible things about gays. I explained that it made a lot of sense to me because it makes gays look like the po-victim and drives up sympathy for their cause.


  3. Everyone is so intent on framing the recent acts of vandalism at McGraw Park as race motivate. I don’t think that is the case. (Now all the devil worshippers will call for the irradiation of skunks.) If you examine the details of the crimes, the graffiti includes a cartoon rendition of breasts and a derogatory term used against women in ADDITION to the n-word, KKK and swastikas. There is more to the story. There was theft and arson damage to the personal property of a grey-haired, female Caucasian. The automobile of someone of unknown ethnicity was also burglarized. The park belongs to the entire community. These acts were perpetrated by juvenile delinquents who were not supervised by their parents. Use of appropriate language and boundaries were not imposed within their home. It appears that the juveniles were never taught to respect others or other’s property. IMO, if the youth were residents of the affluent neighborhood surrounding McGraw Park, this criminal activity is a result of entitlement.
    The leaders seem more concerned with the City’s “brand” and what others will think of Bloomington. The test of the quality of this town is in the response to the juveniles’ behavior not in the behavior itself. Accountability and appropriate consequences should be the order of the cay.


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