Lawyer Comedy!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jeff Jurgens needs to take his show on the road.  The City of Bloomington has BOUGHT the Springfield law firm now, so any opinions he offers are obviously going to be the answer the City wants to hear.  Keep in mind the City sends Sorling Northup Hanna around $60,000 every month.  A local attorney could tell them what they want to hear, but Buy Local doesn’t apply to Bloomington.

The topic was Tari’s downtown task force.  With a straight face, Jeff Jurgens said it’s fine that downtown stakeholders make up the vast majority of members because it’s ADVISORY only.

Let that sink in.

Tari picked people for the committee to get the recommendations he wants, but that isn’t a legal problem.

The discussion that followed proved Jurgens was wrong.  Tari set a preliminary report date of August 31st, then at Alderman Diana Hauman’s urging, a final report date of December 31st.  Why?  So Patti-Lunn Silva can get their recommendations in next years budget!

Very advisory Jeff Jurgens.  Your lack of credibility is showing.  Jeff practices law in the right state – Illinois.  Citizens here are used to being scammed by government.  We love scammers so much we keep re-electing them over and over!  Bloomington has a long history of pretending they are just discussing some topic, maybe even more than once.  Then BAM – a tax hike to pay for it.   Downtown 35.0 by December 31st.  The first 34 attempts to get people downtown failed.  They just need more money and more debt and more pretty signs and fancy street lights.  (Um, sounds like Decatur’s failed plan!)

Just hit play below:


4 thoughts on “Lawyer Comedy!

  1. Any interested party is a stakeholder, even a person who lives out of town can be a stakeholder obviously. This term is foolery, not transparent but deceit as is Renner’s way.


  2. we just held an election,, PEOPLE did not get out and vote, so we have to live with the fact that these PEOPLE are in charge until the next election,


  3. So much to do. Get people downtown although all the action is on the NE side. What to do, what to do. Eastland Mall becoming a ghost town. Sears, JC Penney, and others going bankrupt. Oh what to do, we’ll all feel better spending hard earned taxpayer dollars downtown to lure people to the bars and no name art galleries, the occasional country western concert. People will come to look at the pretty sidewalks and trees planted in concrete. Such a joy. Such quality of life. Perhaps a stay in a new hotel (that none could continue to support itself in the good times.) What a big stupid jokers dream.


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