Update: Coliseum: Promises, Promises

Update:  The management announced today the naming rights have been sold – and for the same amount US Cellular was paying: $175,000 a year.  It will be name Grossinger Motors Arena for at least 5 years.  I haven’t heard who is paying for the new signs, letterhead, business cards, menus, etc.


By:  Diane Benjamin

I had high hopes when the City hired VenuWorks to manage the Coliseum.  They appeared to be a company with integrity and experience with claims of transparency.  Every event report would be posted on-line within a couple of days!

Not so much.


No event reports have been posted since 4/29/17.  I know events have taken place, the circus for one.  Add that to the manager charged with theft.  The Quarterly statement for 4/30/17 hasn’t been posted either.  We probably have to wait for the yearly audit which means October or November – maybe longer.

Maybe the staff has been side tracked negotiating naming rights or with architects designing the multi-million dollar elevator to make the place ADA compliant.  Or maybe transparency isn’t the priority they and the City promised.

Maybe David Hales needs more money so he can do his job.

The State Police are still investigating the previous management, at least that’s what I hear.  Supposedly when the they are done a report will be made to State’s Attorney Jason Chambers.

I wonder if we will ever know the results?

I wonder if that will be a secret too?

From the 3rd Quarter (1/31/17)  financial statement:

VenuWorks is continuing to use the same bogus economic impact calculations CIAM used.  It should be called “wealth redistributed courtesy of government”.   Your money is being stolen to enrich others.

Economic Impact just sounds better.




6 thoughts on “Update: Coliseum: Promises, Promises

  1. From this day forward, I think we should start calling Tari “Little Putin”, or better yet ,
    ” Little Putty” . What a gangster he’s turned out to be! He has Hales as his “Capo Tuti Fruiti”. Please refer to Davis as “Tuti”. We can drop the “Fruiti” part so as not to upset the gay community. The Department Heads are “Underbosses” , the Aldermen are “Capos”, and Bike BloNo, BLM, RESIST, and NIOT are “Soldiers”.

    The new City Motto should be ” Be careful what you say or do here in State Farm City, or you might end up swimming with the fishes “.


  2. Diane,
    Could we form a watchdog group that we could use to put pressure on these people? The Tea Party isn’t functioning in Bloomington anymore. I’m very sick of these liberal bullies who do what they want. I am not a “leader” so I wouldn’t know how to establish & run a group, but I would like to participate!


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