Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner and Chris Koos are lounging around Miami this weekend at your expense.  Smart organizers would have held the twice a year US Conference of Mayors in Miami in the winter, but these are government people.  I wonder if we will see photos of them on the beach?  (eek!)

All last year Tari touted how he and Koos got unanimous support at the US conference of Mayors for Complete Streets.  See what they supported:  HERE

Tari has endlessly claimed every mayor there supported Complete Streets – all 300 of them.

I wonder if he will mention when he gets home that only 259 attended this time.  In the entire country, with roughly 19,000 mayors, 259 went.

Renner and Koos proclaimed they will uphold the Paris Climate Agreement even though Trump withdrew.  Surprise – there is a committee for that at this conference.  Neither of them are on it (YET) – here’s the list:

Some of these mayors have tried to hide what political party they are associated with, it didn’t take endless hours to find out though.  Rodney Craig once ran for office in the Progress Party.  Every one of the others is a Democrat.  I could go into the history of the Democrat Party.  They have a long history of supporting things they now try to blame on Republicans.  We can add Global Cooling-Global Warming-Climate Change to the list, eventually they will want people to believe it was conservatives wasting your money.  Keep one word in mind:  Solyndra.

I came across the most telling thing about the US Conference of Mayors.  It perfectly describes the mentality of the attendees and organizers – the people they have given awards to for their Public Service:  (click to enlarge)


I can’t wait to hear the latest fleece plan they will bring home!

With Tari, we get at least 2 a year.  Koos hides the truth better.  I wonder what the bills will be for this vacation?





4 thoughts on “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

  1. Makes sense to fly to Miami, Florida on the summer, when air-conditioning is provided at the Hotel, to sign a Resolution to limit the causes of global warming.
    If they are so concerned and believe in the human generated causes of climate change exist, they should take personal responsibility for their own “carbon footprint” instead of signing a price of paper telling everyone else what to do.


      1. Yes, I am aware. There is sarcasm in my comment. What is the saying about numbers and liars? Never met a politician who is not a hypocrite. For example, batteries for electric cars and solar panels are very toxic and require special desposal. Electricity requires some other form of energy to produce. The amount of paper generated by the Council alone could save a forest. There are many more examples ignored by the “little green people.” Beliefs should generate actions. Their actions prove they don’t believe in what they are trying to sell.


  2. I’m SORRY, but I can’t help but call KOOS a hypocrite! He’s AGAINST climate change? WHY then are ALL the recalled VW diesels parked at the old MMMI lot? Some of the WORST polluting cars in the country and he brought them ALL together in OUR TOWN!
    Maybe he should wake up and LOOK at what’s happening in his OWN turf before “partying with the boys” in Miami..


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