Dispelling the uninformed

By: Diane Benjamin A LONG comment was left to today’s Earth Day story that I didn’t post. Below is just the first lines and proof this person doesn’t care about facts, I left their typo: China is at the forefront of mitigating global warming. Apparently America’s exceptionalism means we blame other countries fro our lack […]

Normal last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Chris Koos and Chemberly Cummings were no-shows at Normal’s Council meeting last night,  That makes two in row for Koos, The majority of the meetings was climate activists wanting government to make a plan to protect citizens during events like last year’s polar vortex.  There was a long line at public comment […]

Climate Change Scam

Sorry, reading the wrong month By:  Diane Benjamin Yes, it’s been really hot!  Media thought we might break a record yesterday.  What was the record yesterday?  94 degrees What the media often fails to tell you is what year that record was set.  Instead they spew Global Warming or Climate Change unsubstantiated statements and demand […]

Ideology means no choices for you

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council spent almost an hour discussing why citizens shouldn’t be allowed to choose the lowest cost electricity under Municipal Aggregation.  The final vote was 7-2 with Aldermen Sage and Mathy against limiting your rights.  The rest of the Council voted with one finger pointed directly at you. Even with […]

Stories you probably missed

Just a few stories most media ignores: History of Illinois Fiscal Crisis (Hint:  both parties are at fault) https://www.illinoispolicy.org/reports/the-history-of-illinois-fiscal-crisis/   Austin’s Complete Streets Nightmare (Austin went with buses, since few ride buses here – local government is forcing bike lanes) http://www.texasturf.org/2012-06-01-03-09-30/latest-news/2113-austin-s-complete-streets-policy-a-complete-nightmare?mc_cid=1b7d77465e&mc_eid=26ab1cd66c   Renner didn’t sign on – Koos did Update:  Renner did sign – he […]

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner and Chris Koos are lounging around Miami this weekend at your expense.  Smart organizers would have held the twice a year US Conference of Mayors in Miami in the winter, but these are government people.  I wonder if we will see photos of them on the beach?  (eek!) All last […]

The truth about 97% agree

By:  Diane Benjamin Lisa Madigan signed up to start prosecuting corporations who deny climate change.  That’s not surprising since she rarely prosecutes corrupt politicians and instead prosecutes businesses.  She needs to see the video below, but most likely facts don’t matter.  They don’t to some ISU professors! What exactly do 97% of climate change scientist […]

Update: Climate facts and deniers

Here’s another article to consider:  http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2015/12/climate-change-and-the-lessons-of-a-winter-storm.html I few days ago a banned person left a comment about climate change to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2015/12/26/vogel-you-make-my-writing-sooooo-easy/ This person has the honor of being the only person I have banned from commenting.  The IP address isn’t local, so I don’t take her seriously.  I banned her because having an […]

The Climate Change Hoax – Part 3

Previous posts: https://blnnews.com/2012/12/31/the-climate-change-hoax-part-1/ https://blnnews.com/2012/12/31/the-climate-change-hoax-part-2/ Renewable energy:  The Illusory solution Renewable energy is proposed as the solution.  The claim is that if we just stop using coal, natural gas, and oil and instead adopt solar, wind, and bio-fuels  we can stop “dangerous carbon emissions” and halt global warming.  Unfortunately, there are as many misconceptions about renewable energy as there […]

The Climate Change Hoax – Part 2

by diane Benjamin If you missed Part 1:  https://blnnews.com/2012/12/31/the-climate-change-hoax-part-1/ “There are ominous signs that the earth’s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically and that these changes may portend a dramatic decline in food production. . .after three quarters of a century of extraordinary mild conditions, the earth’s climate appears to be cooling down.” “The […]

The Climate Change Hoax – Part 1

by:  Diane Benjamin How many billions (trillions?) have been spent around the globe to supposedly fight global cooling in the 70’s, then global warming  and now just climate change?  When have you ever seen a debate among scientists or meteorologists?  The answer is NEVER. Anybody who questions the reality of climate change or opposes the massive taxpayer dollars being thrown […]

Doha – the zombie UN climate change charade staggers on (fracking)

Peter Foster at the Financial Post sums up the Doha “climate change” conference best: The UN climate conferences have descended into ritual farce, as naked money-grabbing on behalf of poor countries contrasts with finagling impossible solutions to what is likely a much-exaggerated problem. One leading question is how dubious science, shoddy economics and tried-and-failed socialist policies have […]

Fracking and ethics

The FIRST question to ask the anti-fracking fanatics:  What energy sources do you support?  NONE of them will be anything but green energy.  Therefore, not wanting to use God-given sources of energy invalidates their opinions. An Open Letter to the Oil and Gas Industry: The Ethical Case for Fracking by JOE BAST, JAY LEHR AND MIKE GEMMELL on DECEMBER 11, […]

Agenda 21 – Your Future

ECOHOME Releases Video Report on Walkable Urbanism and Climate Change Christopher Leinberger maps critical path as part of ECOHOME Vision 2020 Sustainability Summit WASHINGTON, D.C. (PRWEB) November 28, 2012 http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/11/prweb10176942.htm ECOHOME, the leading media source of information about certified green building products and projects, released today the first in a series of video reports to […]

Want to Know what the Left has in Mind on Energy?

Watch the video.  Carbon taxes, maybe Keystone Pipeline with tons of regulations, and higher costs on coal plants. http://www.eenews.net/tv/2012/11/07/ Meanwhile: OBAMA SHUTS DOWN 1.6M ACRES TO OIL SHALE DEVELOPMENT Just two days after President Obama’s re-election, the Obama Interior Department announced a plan to shut down 1.6 million acres of federal land to oil shale development. The […]


Original Post by Illinois Review: http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2012/05/18-facts-to-combat-global-warming-scare-tactics.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+typepad%2FbYHz+%28Illinois+Review%29 by Jay Lehr, Ph.D., Science Director of The Heartland Institute SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE 1- Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant.  On the contrary it makes crops and forests grow faster.  Mapping by satellite shows that the earth has become about 6% greener overall in the past two decades, with forests […]