Climate, In case you still don’t get it. . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

Similar graphics are available on many sites.  Carbon is .035% of the atmosphere.  If you listen to the media its destroying life on planet earth.  Really?



9 thoughts on “Climate, In case you still don’t get it. . . .

  1. Carbon dioxide is what we exhale when we breathe so the government is pushing for a Breathing Tax (while the CEO of Neslte proclaims that there is no human right for water.)
    Let the riduculous thieving wealthy 1% of the 1%-ers eat dirt and their minions wake up!


    1. Also, plants—the food source of all—requires carbon-dioxide to survive and bear fruit.
      There are other gases in the atmosphere such as methane which have a longer half-life. The science is complicated and beyond the comprehension of politicians.


  2. This graph is meaningless unless you provide a reference. Is .035% twice as much as 10 years ago? No problem. I’ll do your job for you. The amount is increasing (400+ parts per million (by volume); 50 years ago it was 280 parts per million). It’s a 24% increase since 1958 and puts the percentage slightly higher than .040%. And it’s having an effect. This might help. You’re welcome.


    1. Rich—what is the percent increase of the world population since the 1950s? How much deforestation has occurred since the 1950s. Even if all the countries that signed the agreement to decrease their carbon footprint, the effect would be insignificant.
      To carry the “solution” to the extreme, the world population would need to forgo all technology. The world population would need to decrease. Discontinue humanitarian aid. Survival of the fittest—the final solution. Who would decide?

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  3. I think if the global warming idiots were really serious about this they would stop flying alone in their jets & do all the world a favor and quit breathing! Majority of that is coming from the big fat mouths of the global warming idiots!


  4. I like that global warming supporters, like Al Gore, for instance, and Leonardo DiCaprio buy “credits” to “reduce their carbon footprint”. Please share your obvious superior wisdom on how one can buy credits to reduce ones impact on the environment, Rich. We’re all eager to hear your wisdom.


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