Koos is a Climate Change hypocrite

By: Diane Benjamin


“Climate change is getting to be a significant issue and we’re going to have to do things outside of the realm of just makes economic sense,” he said.

Source: WGLT

Does Chris Koos know heavy equipment doesn’t run on electricity? Economic sense isn’t spending a likely $30 million to dig a tunnel under a railroad track with fossil-fueled equipment. Is that “outside of the realm of” economic sense?

How much CO2 is Koos going to add to the atmosphere for a people-tunnel while vehicles idle nearby because they have to wait for trains to clear the tracks?

The Lesson:

Fossil Fuels are fine for elite’s agendas, just not for the little people who want a gas stove or want to heat their home with natural gas that used to be cheaper than electricity before guys like Koos declared war on energy independence.

Obviously Climate Change is merely a talking point to remove freedom.

What does Climate Change even mean?

Hint: Global Cooling didn’t work when the temps rose slightly. Then Global Warming didn’t work when temperatures weren’t warming.

6 thoughts on “Koos is a Climate Change hypocrite

  1. Solar panel covered parking lots don’t make any sense but then common sense is a rare commodity these days.

    A little very rough non scientific calculation. It takes 8-12 panels at 17 sqft per panels to charge one car. (204 sqft.) One mid size car is about 80 sqft. + space to park, maybe 100 sqft per car.

    If you have a 100 car capacity you need 20,400 sqft of panels. 143’x 143’ not counting access aisles so maybe 200’x200’ total. That’s over 2/3’s of a football field for 100 cars.

    Of course on a cloudy or snow covered day it’s all wasted space. Maybe it’s better to just have everyone ride the EV bus…. sorry make that a natural gas powered bus to Uptown Normal and buy a bike. Special Cloudy Day Sale!

    By the way solar panels need to be on an angle to be efficient so you would still need a roof over the lot to mount them on with a really expensive fire suppression system pointing down and up. Also they can’t be shaded so you’ll have to cut down all those trees you planted to provide shade so people don’t have to unjustly sweat in the summer time. OMG SO HOT!

  2. Up the costs, up the hassles of driving/owning a car, their goal is no (gas powered) cars for peons.

  3. KOOS IS A HYPOCRITE on more than just climate change!!

    Remember when he pretended that COVID was so dangerous that he forced the small businesses in town to close their doors, meanwhile he decided to keep his small business OPEN!

    How does Koos justify why the tax payers needed to buy him a Rivian?
    I mean why doesn’t he ride one of his bicycles around everywhere…
    You know, in the name of the “significant issue” = climate change… LOL!

  4. Koos the hypocrisy is astounding! Mayor tin hat is sitting in his air conditioned office and home and business telling people that they’re going to die if they don’t bow to climate change standards. If he was truly concerned about climate then he’d be digging his underpass with shovels not construction equipment. Someone should send him a shovel and tell him to start digging !

  5. Anyone who advocates about climate change is at best naïve, almost certainly a hypocrite, and in some cases outright evil.
    YouTube (owned by Google) purposely lies to people, saying climate change by definition is manmade.
    The only way things will improve is if good people speak up (Thank You, Diane!) and vote with their feet and wallets. Avoid Google products whenever possible, especially their search engine. Participate in American-values boycotts like Target and Bud Light/Anheuser-Busch. Purposely buy from unwoke businesses like Joe’s or Jeremy’s Razors or Gab or CastBrew Coffee. And of course now would be a good time to click the Please Contribute link at the top-left of the page here. 🙂

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