Mollie: Words do matter

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night’s Bloomington City Council meeting will take more than one story.

Did Mollie read the packet?

The discussion was about the library levy – from the packet:

A 4.93% increase is a tax increase. Alderman Mollie Ward wants you to know it isn’t. The library only captured part of the increased EAV. Since that $309.3K is spread over higher home values of course the rate will go down! Duh. It is a tax increase Mollie! When people get their next property tax bill the AMOUNT for the library will be higher, also known as a tax increase.

Another Mollie “words matter” happened later in the meeting when there was a presentation on what is being done to stop the flooding. 2 pics were shown that prove the area that flooded in 2021 has been flooding for over 100 years – the City did nothing do stop it from happening until severe flooding caused sewage and water to decimate the same area a few years ago:

Alderman Ward thinks the problem is Climate Change. For those of you who don’t already know “Climate Change” is a hoax providing facts won’t reverse your indoctrination. Since Mollie thinks the library isn’t raising taxes when the facts are in BLACK and WHITE, she is wrong here too. Note Alderman Hendricks nodding in agreement. The guy speaking first is a paid consultant who has big plans for your money.

One last thing. Alderman Kearns can’t embarrasses the city of they don’t show her on video not saying the pledge. Just don’t zoom out to show the entire council:

3 thoughts on “Mollie: Words do matter

  1. Mollie is a chaplain, not a math wiz. Her library experience hasn’t seemed to help with reading comprehension. She is getting her talking points from her husband, Department chair of the Social Studies at IWU and Renner’s boss.

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