$51 million in reserves, raise taxes anyway

By: Diane Benjamin

$51,000,000 is expected to be in the City coffers at year end. They have big plans to spend your money, none of that money can be used to pay for essential spending like Public Safety pensions. Your taxes are going up to fund them. The vote last night was temporary, the final vote is December 11th.

Alderman Cody Hendricks is raising taxes to give you stuff. Bloomington wants another fire station on the east side, too bad the one they never used can’t be moved (#5). At least now it’s a storage facility. Keep in mind Normal is building one on the east side. Obviously Bloomington and Normal can’t work together to save taxpayers money. Hendricks doesn’t care – you have to pay. How many of you voted to spend millions downtown? If you want lower taxes quit voting for progressives and start voting for people who don’t believe in robbing you.

Contrast Hendricks with Alderman Nick Becker and Alderman Sheila Montney. Make sure you listen all the way to the end for both. They are true public servants.

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