$51 million in reserves, raise taxes anyway

By: Diane Benjamin $51,000,000 is expected to be in the City coffers at year end. They have big plans to spend your money, none of that money can be used to pay for essential spending like Public Safety pensions. Your taxes are going up to fund them. The vote last night was temporary, the final […]

20 Minute Bloomington Meeting

By: Diane Benjamin Mboka Mwilambwe wasn’t there – he’s out of the country. John Danenberger was AWOL. So was Cody Hendricks. Tim Gleason was MIA, of course he has TWO assistants, so Billy Tyus did his job. The only Public comment was Scott Stimeling who once again raged about fireworks. He seems to think whatever […]

More Cody Hendricks

By: Diane Benjamin More on this story plus the NEW Ward 6 map: https://blnnews.com/2023/03/30/ward-6-cody-hendricks-violates-law-but/ The Democrat Party held an event for Hendricks. Note his opponent Jordan Baker wasn’t invited. Don’t forget Democrats Dave Koehler and Sharon Chung held a fundraiser for him too: https://blnnews.com/2023/01/17/its-official-local-elections-are-partisan/ Obviously Hendricks is running as a Democrat in a nonpartisan election […]

Update: Ward 6: Cody Hendricks violates law but . . .

By: Diane Benjamin In Illinois there are rarely any penalties for people who break campaign laws. Evidently CODE based on State Law is just a suggestion. (Heard any electioneering charges yet?) Keep in mind Hendricks teaches CIVICS at Olympia, somebody please check what version he teaches! Bloomington Code: https://ecode360.com/34402871 It violates City Code to run […]

Seen on Facebook: Cody Hendricks

By: Diane Benjamin Hendricks is running in Ward 6 against Jordan Baker. Ask Hendricks if he’s a closet socialist: Socialist former mayoral candidate Jackie Gunderson supports Hendricks: It appears Vicki Tilton and Tari Renner do too: (talking about campaign group) Willing to cheat to win? Just Funny – Green Top didn’t solve the food desert. […]

Normal: You dodged a revealing bullet

By: Diane Benjamin Rachael Lund spent a lot of time collecting signatures to run for Normal Town Council. Then she withdrew because she is leaving the area. She saved me the trouble of posting stories like this one again: https://blnnews.com/2020/10/30/who-is-the-real-rachel-lund/ Lund is obviously far left. Not many signatures are needed to run for Bloomington Council. […]

It’s official! Local elections are partisan

By: Diane Benjamin Colleen Reynolds wrote the WGLT article on the forum held last Saturday: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2023-01-14/bloomington-normal-council-candidate-nonpartisan-forum-turns-partisan She never says in the article where it turned partisan. Nice job Colleen. Are you offended the local GOP held the event only 2 far left candidates for Bloomington Council didn’t attend? Does Colleen think only WGLT should hold […]