Coliseum freeloaders

By: Diane Benjamin

Pic H/T a reader

Since I try to never cross Veterans Parkway, I didn’t know State Farm was on the sign at the “arena”.

I FOIA’d the City for the sponsorship agreement with State Farm, Grossinger quit paying years ago:

The agreement with State Farm expired in May, the FOIA showed nothing about it being renewed. Why should they when their name can stay on the building for free? State Farm paid $100,000 a year for 3 years.

2 thoughts on “Coliseum freeloaders

  1. Wouldn’t it be funny if in place of all the “free advertising” a banner could be hung with “This space intentionally left blank”? Not only would it qualify for the adverts but also the building itself!

  2. I wonder if businesses realize there is nowhere enough exposure to justify the costs. With people avoiding Downtown, businesses and residents fleeing, and a lack of events since before Covid, why would anyone want to advertise if a billboard is much, much cheaper?

    I would venture these sponsorships include more than one sign, but the overall lack of events seem to make it a poor deal for businesses.

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