Normal last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos and Chemberly Cummings were no-shows at Normal’s Council meeting last night,  That makes two in row for Koos,

The majority of the meetings was climate activists wanting government to make a plan to protect citizens during events like last year’s polar vortex.  There was a long line at public comment and then a presentation at the end of the meeting.  They also want the Town to plant more trees because the shade provides cooling.

Stan Nord had a brilliant response that you have to hear for yourself: 1:04:56.  It should start when you hit play below.  If I tried to recap what Stan said I wouldn’t do it justice!

I realize this group won’t read any of these links, but they should.




6 thoughts on “Normal last night

  1. seriously? a plan to protect citizens during a polar vortex? in the late ’70’s we saw severe cold, tons of snow and frequent ice storms. you know what protected us? a bit of toughness and common sense.

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  2. Sent to Kathleen Lorenz Today:
    I was just watching the Normal Town Council meeting on my phone while waiting for my daughter to get ready. The part where you tried to attack Stan Nord about trees was playing. I didn’t even realize my daughter was listening. She is a 29 years old, does not follow Normal politics. She stopped what she was doing, not knowing what I was watching, she turned to me and said “Who is that horrible woman.” It was you. She could tell just by listening to you for 2 minutes you are horrible. I wish my child did not have to live in a community with such disgusting people. I hope the same for your children.

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  3. With Koos and the royal FARTtress not present in the meeting the IQ level rose a good 50 points in that room. If Pam would not have been there can you imagine how much higher it would have gone.


    1. What Stan Nord did was brilliant. Alas the IQ level of the room was not raised enough to comprehend. I see it as a back handed compliment in what he said. While applauding the efforts and concerns of younger people and the time the council was giving for an examination of the environment and conservation. He points out that children and young adults should not pay for the miss-deeds of their parents. He then very quickly points out they should not also be forced to pay for the miss spending of their parents’ government. Went right over their heads.

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      1. And if you watched his post-meeting video on FB, he even gave credit where due that much of his response actually came from somebody else. Too bad most local council members aren’t anywhere near the standup guy Stan is. Keep up the good fight Stan! Thank you!

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