Stories you probably missed

Just a few stories most media ignores:

History of Illinois Fiscal Crisis

(Hint:  both parties are at fault)


Austin’s Complete Streets Nightmare

(Austin went with buses, since few ride buses here – local government is forcing bike lanes)


Renner didn’t sign on – Koos did

Update:  Renner did sign – he didn’t make it on the map though.


US Conference of Mayors – Resolution:

Food Stamp recipients should be able to use their benefits for on-line delivery of groceries,%20Health,%20and%20Human%20Services


How many people obtained health insurance because of ACA


One thought on “Stories you probably missed

  1. Renner did sign on to the Climate Change Resolution but you have to search for the information. Clicking on the map only shows Normal…hummmm.
    Renner always follows Koos around.

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