Hubby update

Andy is going to work next week!

We are so blessed with his recovery and the people who have pitched in to help with the medical expenses.  Thanks so much for the prayers, words of support, and financial aid.

Andy will probably be very tired, but he is close to a full recovery.

We have no doubt Andy is a miracle.

The doctors don’t either!


12 thoughts on “Hubby update

  1. Amazing! I can’t believe after all he’s been through since Good Friday that he’s recovered this well! That is so great and yes, a miracle. We love Andy & are glad he’s gonna stick around for awhile more. Tell him we’ve all been thinking about him & praying. We’re going to have to stop by soon.
    Kerry & Theresa


      1. If nothing bad ever happened to people who believe, everyone would believe just for the goodies. We all have free will to believe or not believe, and the consequences that follow that decision. The blessings of Andy’s illness far out weigh the pain. It would have been incredibly painful to have taken this journey without the peace that God bestowed and his loving arms wrapped around us. I hope you never have this journey without that same peace.


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