Liar Liar

By:  Diane Benjamin

We have an A+ rating from the Illinois Policy Institute for transparency. – Tari Renner

Did is more applicable Tari.

Proof:  The Attorney General found Renner and the WHOLE Council guilty of violating the Open Meetings Act by discussing Metrozone in secret.  They were ordered to release the audio of the meeting to Jason Chambers.

I filed a FOIA for it 6/16.  The City is pretending I filed it on 6/23.  That is the day they extended the FOIA request to 6/30.  Nice try though.

Today they denied the request.  I expected them to since I RARELY get anything I FOIA.  Here is their denial:  Benjamin FOIA Response on Verbatim Recording

They knew the first time they saw my request they were going to deny it.  I don’t mind they waited until today, I love showing taxpayers the quality of the “public servants” who work for the City of Bloomington.  (or lack of quality)

They plan to drag this out, maybe file an appeal, get ordered to release it again, maybe get around to it – maybe not.

They are hoping you forget your Council is staffed with criminals.

Isn’t that what people who break the law are?  Criminals?

Can somebody take a Council picture and add black and white striped shirts?  Orange jumpsuits?  A Pinocchio nose for Tari?

Will Chambers enforce the law?


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2 thoughts on “Liar Liar

  1. Renner and the Council are not transparent. That has been evident for a long time and in many situations.
    Just a reminder–the transparency award was purchased (paid for through application) and it is based on a limited check list for the City website. The award goes to the IT department, not Renner. A+ constitutes misrepresentation and “grade inflation.” The Policy Institute rated the IT department with a total points of 100 out of a possible 100. Last I checked, an A is 90%-100%. The “+” is at the end of Renner’s nose.


  2. Chambers is NOT concerned about the law! He just wants”good numbers” Case in point Misook Nowland and HER story vs Bart McNeil? Right Jason? WE discussed this WHEN you were running for office door to door in your tennis shoes…
    You are NOT a good listener!


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