13 votes: Congrats Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

The next Normal Town Council meeting will be Wednesday because of the holiday.  See the packet HERE

From the agenda:

Amtrak can’t afford to buy a “tram” to move handicapped people from the south platform, across Broadway, and up the north platform – so the Town taxpayers are buying it for them.  Don’t look at the picture on page 32 – they are buying the deluxe model on page 35.  How did these people get across before this purchase?

The entire meeting will last 15-20 minutes which includes it starting late.

Spending excerpts:

Remember the Harmon Grants from the last meeting?  Mr. Bone and Mr. Harmon didn’t set up a trust for the Town to administer.  The Town is simply giving away your money in their names.

More giving away money to non-profits THEY choose.  Every other non-profit should file suit for their share.  Government isn’t supposed to pick winners and losers.

I’m sure you can figure the rest of these out yourself!  13 votes would have stopped it.


7 thoughts on “13 votes: Congrats Normal

  1. Tax revenue is to be spent for the function of government. Providing entertainment is not the function of government. Property taxes pay for public safety, parks and debt. The Library and Schools are separate taxing bodies. All of the other taxes and fees pay for the city employees/administration, government property, roads/sewers, public transportation and trash collection. (purposely not including EDC, CVB and CoC subsidies) This spending is obscene. Only can be done under Home Rule.


    1. TJ, that’s rather reckless and irresponsible of you to bring that up! Maybe Jeff will schedule another press conference.


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