Tornado history – just facts

By:  Diane Benjamin

People who believe in man-made climate change love to proclaim the weather is worse now.  NOAA disagrees, and this chart only goes back to 1954.

noah tornados

Want to know the history before 1954?  Pekin Il was destroyed in March of 1938.  The source is Wikipedia, not a source I usually trust, so take it as that:

That article references how many people died and how many were injured.  Now we have weather warnings that save lives.

NOAA has another interesting chart, it shows lots of tornadoes between 1880 and 1950.  Is that why most charts now start in the 50’s?  Is somebody trying to hide the crazy weather of 1910 – 1950?  It’s hard to make a case for more violent storms now caused by man when those years were worse.

The low numbers recorded before 1870 are likely due to lack of data and lack of  residents where the most tornadoes occur.  Oklahoma records the most.  It didn’t become a state until 1907.



13 thoughts on “Tornado history – just facts

  1. MOST of the “issue” of climate change or whatever you want to call it lies with the current MEDIA and their “LACK” of reporting, and also wanting to scare the living “bejesus” out of the common folk! There has been bad forest fires (the west in 1910 and 1934) and floods which killed many (Cabin Creek, W.V. Aug 9, 1916) and tornado outbreaks- Mar 18, 1925, etc that make todays weather pale in comparison.
    Weather has ALWAYS been unpredictable and ALWAYS will be, it’s a field related to “fluid dynamics” and other factors.. So when the weather “person” says it’s the WORST year for this, or that, WHY aren’t THEY getting on the ARK?? THEY LOVE HYPE!! It sells ad time..

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  2. If you want facts here they are:

    The increasing world temperatures are but one of the main effects of climate change.

    In recent years, there were studies and researches conducted in order to test whether or not climate change can affect the frequency and intensity of the tornadoes.

    According to the scientists, the changes of temperature and precipitation, caused by climate change, will lead to a rise in the frequency, intensity, and duration of twisters along with other natural disasters. In the journal Science, the researchers looked at increasing trends in the severity of tornado outbreaks, measuring severity by the number of tornadoes per outbreak. They found that these trends are increasing fastest for the most extreme outbreaks. While they saw changes in meteorological quantities that are consistent with these upward trends, the meteorological trends were not the ones expected under climate change. increases in the annual number of days on which many tornadoes occur, and increases in the annual mean and variance of the number of tornadoes per outbreak. In the current studies, the researchers found that the frequency of U.S. outbreaks with many tornadoes is increasing, and is increasing faster for more extreme outbreaks.

    “Dr. James Elsner of Florida State University finds tornadoes are getting more powerful. And the increase in tornado power is significant: up 5.5 percent per year from 1994 to 2016. The finding is supported by storm reports which show an upward trend in the power of tornadoes from longer and wider paths and higher damage ratings.

    Elsner and his team used a statistical model to derive tornado power while taking into consideration the daily 24-hour cycle, seasonality, natural climate variability, and the switch to a new damage scale in 2007.

    In his paper Elsner notes the annual number of strong and violent tornadoes (rated EF2 or worse) has remained relatively consistent from year to year. However, the number of days with large outbreaks of many tornadoes is on the rise. An increase in the number of big tornado days means a larger threat of damaging tornadoes because the percentage of violent tornadoes (EF4 or worse) increases in those larger outbreak days.”


      1. Well they do matter. Just because you cherry pick some charts from NOAA doesn’t make you right. There is plenty of evidence of global warming is at work with the acceleration of number, strength of tornadoes and the severity of those tornadoes not only in the Great Plains but in the Southeast United States. The other fact that you leave out is that NOAA doesn’t deny the existence of global warming. NOAA certainly doesn’t call global warming a hoax. They are at the center of studying it affects:
        “April 2019 was the second hottest on record for the globe” and
        “Rising emissions drive greenhouse gas index increase”


  3. Dick Durbin offered up a guest commentary in the Pantagraph Sunday urging us to do something NOW about climate change. He wrote that when he was in school he did tornado drills in the spring and since Taylorville had a damaging tornado last December, we have to do something NOW about the climate and how man is causing it to “change.” Tornados in December? In Illinois? Must be climate change! Funny thing, a little research shows that before last year the previous tornado outbreak record for December in Illinois was 1957 when lil’ Dick was in jr. high school.


  4. Just remember who touts the global warming/climate change montra. They are the same beings who say its ok for men to share bathrooms with girls and our confused about what gender is what. They are the ones who are out to save the world from global warming/climate change yet are advocating the murdering of newborn and yet born children. They are now the group going after McDonalds for being cruel to cows and chickens yet advocate the murder of babies. Confused? Down right insane in my humble opinion.

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  5. The next time somebody tells you we should stop climate change, simply ask them how long they’ve been suicidal.
    Humans probably can’t stop climate change. Climate change predates cars. It predates people. It predates dinosaurs. There was climate change before there were oceans.
    If we can stop climate change, there are two ways to do it. 1 – Set off a Lot of nukes along fault zones and hope we can literally blow the planet to pieces. 2 – Have our physicists figure out how to make a stable black hole and wait for the earth to be sucked into it.
    Anything short of literally destroying the planet, and climate change will continue on with or without humankind.

    Using the term ‘climate change’ is part of the left’s ‘deceive to achieve’ strategy. They seek to misleadingly conflate the terms ‘anthropomorphic global warming’, which has been largely debunked or at best remains unproven despite decades of attempts at proof, with ‘climate change’ which undeniably exists.

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    1. How is it ” suicidal” to demand to move to green energy? We are the richest country in the world. We won WWII with technology. We have placed men on the moon and we hope to place men on Mars. How is it impossible to have the technology that doesn’t pump endless amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere? It isn’t. The dinosaurs were made extinct by an asteroid striking Earth 65 million years ago, not climate change. We know why climate changed in the past and it isn’t the same mechanism that is at work now. The CO2 chemical imprint is man-made. If you want to insert your head in the sand, the rest of us thinking citizens of this country won’t. Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will wonder why you couldn’t understand and act on the obvious science that’s as plain as the nose on your face.

      I find it telling that my last post was deleted because it gave evidence of climate change.


      1. It was deleted because propaganda isn’t needed. PLANTS use CO2, it’s ridiculous to thinks the tiny percent of the atmosphere that is CO2 affects anything. The sun is responsible for changes far more than anything spewing from the people profiting off their “research”. Get Al Gore to quit flying on his private jet and we can talk. In the meantime, you are done here.


      2. It isn’t suicidal to move to green energy – it’s suicidal to demand an end to climate change.
        I brought that up for two reasons – 1) to point out that environmental issues are like immigration issues and most other leftist issues – they purposely misuse terms to prevent honest debate of issues because the left will usually lose an honest debate, and 2) to point out that most people who support leftist issues have no idea what they’re talking about and the impacts of what it is they’re asking for.
        The dinosaurs WERE killed by climate change. Climate change that was triggered by a meteorite.
        If climate change today does not have the same causes as the past then why have temperatures been going up and sea levels been rising at roughly the same rate for about Five Hundred Years?

        I don’t have my head stuck in the sand, or stuck anywhere else like many environmentalist sheeple.
        True thinking citizens ask for cost-benefit analysis and provable causality before agreeing to or calling for ‘solutions’ that cause more harm than good or that cost more than the benefit is worth.
        Try it sometime and you’ll see that most or at least a lot of environmentalism is organic fertilizer.

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