Bloomington: What’s your electric rate?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The latest case for limited government:

Bloomington talked residents into electric aggregation in 2013.  It was meant to save people money by contracting for lower electricity rates by buying in bulk.

According to the City website the contract negotiated for you expired almost a year ago:


If you click on the Homefield Energy website and see the communities served – Bloomington isn’t listed,

So, how much are you paying?

It is possible to shop for electricity.  The contracted price above is more than you can buy it for now.  See this link:

plans for bloomington

Normal has a contract at $4.98 through June 2020.

So who dropped the ball in Bloomington?

Think Homefield Energy never contacted them about the expiring contract?

Let me know what rate you are being charged.  Keep in mind Bloomington contracted for the higher rate “green electricity”.

Maybe Bloomington shouldn’t propose programs they aren’t capable of managing!


13 thoughts on “Bloomington: What’s your electric rate?

  1. Living in Bloomington is like being robbed on a daily basis. It’s a pretty helpless feeling. We need people to start standing up. Like physically standing up, walking out there doors and intimidating the crap out of Bloomington City Council at every single meeting. Bring signs, be loud, show up in such great numbers that meetings are forced to be cancelled.

    1. We need people to start standing up. Like physically standing up, walking out their doors and collecting signatures and voters to elect people who will represent the people, not the Communist Party, or EarthFirst, or the local 1%, or whoever it is our governments are representing today.
      Put up signs in support. Tell people the issues and that their vote actually counts in small elections. Show up in such great numbers at the ballot box that future meetings will be things to look forward to instead of dread.

  2. It is impossible to be more incompetent than our city “”leaders”” are. Time and time again they show that if there is a way to screw something up, they will find it. It’s almost as if they are trying to screw up as much as possible.

  3. My monthly energy charge paid to Mid American Energy Services is 5.07pkw. This rate, through the City of Bloomington Fixed Rate Program, runs from May 2018 to June 2020. According to my notes, this was the lowest cost FIXED rate for two years at that time. The real area of concern are the monthly Electric Delivery Charges and Total Tax Related Fees. The total of these fees are always more than my Energy Charge.

    BTW, my Real Estate tax bill increased 7.83% year over year.

      1. As a Bloomington resident didn’t qualify for the Normal, IL electric rate, but I do get to pay the high Unit 5 tax rates.

  4. Unit 5 had to give their teachers a giant raise “to be competitive” in their words. Competitive with who????

  5. I called Ameren and in Williamsfield I am paying .039 or 3.9 cents per KWH. Both Normal and Bloomington look like they don’t care what your electric rate is.

  6. I switched from Nordic to Bloomington’s contractor MidAmerican back in June 2018 at a fixed rate for two years of 5.07 cents/kwh. Term is until June 2020.

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