State Farm bldg: 3 floors leased

This is a copy of an email from the company hired to lease space in the former State Farm building in downtown Bloomington:

sf building

Brochure:  112Washington Mkt

So who leased three floors?

Somebody knows! (Just not me)



7 thoughts on “State Farm bldg: 3 floors leased

  1. Maybe UPTOWN’s NEXT property acquisition is DOWNTOWN?? It will be the NEW Rt 66 “fun park” no pun intended..

  2. Pre-leased? Is that like, I’m almost gonna ride my bicycle but I didn’t because I don’t have a bicycle?

  3. I could see “Pre-lease” meaning I claim to have people interested in the property but no real lease is signed. You better get in quick. Kind of like a “shill” in Vegas playing that winning slot machine. Hired by the casino, but never takes the big money home. But the fools like Tari buy in big time playing that “right fit” slot never realizing that only the shill’s machine is the right fit. Making a market thru fake demand?

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