Tari’s obsession (Connect Transit)

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to Renner’s interview this morning on WJBC he has been plotting since December to appoint Amelia Buragas and Justin Boyd to the Connect Transit Board.

He wants two people who know economic development and have experience spending millions of dollars.  (his words)  Keep in mind, Amelia wanted to tear down a parking garage and move the library.

Tari is obsessed with a downtown transfer station.  Why did Connect Transit leave downtown and build on the west side?  Yes their building needed replaced, but why didn’t they stay downtown?

Renner said nothing about serving the people who are forced to ride the bus, except he supports expanding the Board so he can appoint more people.  Of course those representing riders will be out-voted by the elites appointed from both cities.

The members of the City Councils are the only ones who can make Connect Transit accountable.  The empty buses, route changes, deleted routes, and fare increases are not serving the people who must be served by Public Transit.  Somebody needs to listen to the riders and those unable to use the buses because of the policies of the CT Board.  They should also talk to current employees.  They know the real story.

The current appointees are under the misguided impression they can force people to ride.  They think people will give up their cars to ride the fancy huge buses.  It isn’t going to happen.  Buragas and Boyd will be more of the same.

Taxpayers deserve a Board dedicated to serving the poor and handicapped residents who haven’t been a priority in recent years.  Both Councils need to listen to these people and appoint representatives without a Chicago agenda.

Bloomington-Normal isn’t Chicago.  Public Transit here can not be compared to there.

Let’s see who is up to the job!



8 thoughts on “Tari’s obsession (Connect Transit)

  1. It’s too bad that Connect Transit is publicly funded, otherwise they would have ONE of TWO choices-Become profitable, by LISTENING to the riders and people they are SUPPOSED to serve or go out of business!

  2. I have yet to see or hear of anyone in the business community or the city government here who knows anything about economic development in the 21st Century. They are of course very well versed in 20th Century economic development and crony capitalism. Both city governments have lots of experience in the spending millions of dollars frivolously category. When will someone have the guts and stand up and propose an alternative to the transit system? It must be shut down either sooner or later. There are more efficient and cheaper ways to move the people who really need public transportation around the cities. The conversation needs to begin.

    1. There were people that worked toward diversifying the local economy to compete in the future. However, they were quickly disregarded and were run off by recognizable names within the community. Some of the efforts were seen as competing with Mother Farm and others would have wrested control of the local economy from the usual beneficiaries. The people that operate the machinery do not surrender control easily. Think of the Fenway Park scene in the movie “Moneyball”.

      1. Yes – I am one of them and someone I know has already left with his business. If you have a viable 21st Century business here you can expect nothing but resistance and an effort to make sure you don’t become part of the club. Of course the people with 21st Century businesses have no need, no time and no desire to be part of the club here. We are busy creating the future, while the good old boy club here operates in a world that exists only in their minds as they spend event after event backslapping each other.

      2. Spot on MPeabody. You know of what you speak. Local government and their “right fit” friends in business have and continue to ignore and in many cases obstruct the diversifying of the local economy. This is stunning. There are a lot of egos within government, Mother Farm, and other crony business owners that are scared of the outside world, including new businesses and innovations coming to or interacting with the community. Most of these old and crusties are finished and merely running out the clock to retirement…no interest in learning anything new, expanding their horizons, or most importantly giving up their position as big fish in a small pond. By the way, a little birdie told me that Mother Farm is pissed that they don’t wield as much influence in the Tempe/Phoenix government as they do in Bloomington-Normal. Hmm…go figure.

    2. Renner, Koos and their minions are true believers in not only a local but world-wide collective economy. Yes, it sounds nuts but they are anti-capitalists as are many government department heads. The Connect circus is just a small part of their belief system. They are Soviet-era oligarchs where political power at any level gives them their primary purpose in life. If you asked either Renner or Koos why socialism has failed it is because the right leaders were not in place to make it work. Koos running his own business has nothing to do with his economic philosophy and everything to do with promoting Agenda 21 principles which run deep in his family roots. They do not believe they are being hypocritical driving convertible sports cars or German vehicles. It is their right to do so because their standing in the community deems it so. They look forward to the day when American and world society is totally consumed to their way of thinking. Only then will you be worthy of their notice.

  3. The “boys” in THIS town are by NO MEANS members or even “players” in a world-wide economy! Having worked in such a business for 25 years, I’ve SEEN how it works! When Capital is borrowed by a hand shake or by future gains in an endeavor and PAID BACK at the CURRENT GOING RATE, and NOT what it’s borrowed at, etc.. BIG MONEY moves around the world.. Say you sell a $50 M item to Joe, and he wants to avoid tax, etc. You GO to HIS country and buy something of similar value and get a “OK” from his friends, and call it a day..
    That’s just a breakfast stroll… THEN it’s time for lunch and time to discuss WHAT we’re doing for DINNER! Probably PART of the Democrats “issue” with Trump and HOW business IS DONE!!
    And they REALLY think that they are going to BULLY Trump?? I’m SURE he looses sleep on that point!
    And Koos and Tari THINK they are on this level?? REALLY?? That’s like comparing a deranged idiot with a pocket knife to a Cossack!!
    I’d like to hear what “A FULLER LIFE” has to say on this point?? IF he’s NOT too busy….
    Good day gentlemen and ladies…

  4. I take it that Renner and Koos never read Animal Farm by George Orwell or studied the FAILURE of Socialism throughout history! As Vladimir Lenin himself confessed, the goal of Socialism is Communism! Renner is a Professor of Political science you would think he would be smarter then this unless he is deliberately wanting failure it would go along with the Saul Alinsky Agenda to destroy the America we have always loved to build their global nightmare of big brother control they believe will be a utopia!!!

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