Council – Bloomington last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Every alderman managed to make it to the meeting last night! Public comment start at 6:22. Gary Lambert spoke at 9:30 about the council not releasing Executive Session minutes that are now over 10 years old.  He also mentioned his recent gas bill had municipal taxes higher than his natural gas cost. […]

Possessed with saving the State Farm building

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari thinks a Public-Private partnership can save the State Farm building in downtown Bloomington.  Jenn Carrillo must think she can bully State Farm the way she did the Gypsy Room. If you don’t understand the hazards to your wallet, keep reading.  If you do, a petition to “Let It Go” is on-line […]

How is an application lost?

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington City Council last night: See 12:17. A 30 year employee of the Illinois State Police spoke at Public Comment,  He applied for the Police Chief position.  His application was submitted on time and he received a confirmation email saying his application was received.  He followed up with Nicole Albertson, head of […]

Tari’s Ward 4 candidate and more

By: Diane Benjamin Clearly Emig is Tari’s pick for Ward 4, he’s holding an open house at his house for her.  If you aren’t a left winger and want to attend, just show up.  Responding on Facebook will get you blocked. Remember about a year ago when various Council people held “priority based budgeting” townhalls? […]