Tari’s Ward 4 candidate and more

By: Diane Benjamin

Clearly Emig is Tari’s pick for Ward 4, he’s holding an open house at his house for her.  If you aren’t a left winger and want to attend, just show up.  Responding on Facebook will get you blocked.

Remember about a year ago when various Council people held “priority based budgeting” townhalls?

Tari was at the one held by Karen Schmidt and David Sage at the BCPA.  I remember Tari saying a prosthetics company would be announcing a move to Bloomington.  Tari, did that ever happen?  What happened to the guy who was going to build a downtown hotel with no government help?  What happened to all the interested buyers of the State Farm building?

Now Tari is claiming he has companies interested in buying the arena.  The city only owes $22 million, businesses are likely lining up!

Even if the City could sell it, taxpayers won’t be getting a refund for the sales taxes they have been paying even though Judy Markowitz promised it would never cost you a cent.  Tari already has the money spent.

Govrnment et al is allowed to lie – nobody will hold them accountable but voters.  Of course, most voters stay home for local elections so they usually aren’t.

See the Pantagraph story here:  https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/renner-city-has-potential-buyers-for-grossinger-motors-arena/article_8e6c1e58-3c97-5e0e-9221-70338119d196.html

They have a problem with the truth too!  The silly paper printed VenuWorks version of the loss last year instead of the audited loss.  They must not realize that VenuWorks can report anything they want – even a profit.  The VenuWorks numbers are meaningless.  The audited loss (not including depreciation) is $1,059,599, not the $665,099 VenuWorks reported.  The Pantagraph is almost $400,000 off!  What else do they not report accurately?

Maybe the real loss is a secret so Tari’s “companies” don’t know the truth,  Maybe Tari wants to screw them the same way the taxpayers were screwed by Judy.  Maybe media shouldn’t report Tari’s “facts” without proof.









9 thoughts on “Tari’s Ward 4 candidate and more

  1. Tari is allergic to FACTS!!
    As for the council, they are oblivious to them!!
    The Pantagraph, their ONLY FACT is that they don’t print ANY!
    YIPEE!! An open house at the TARI abode! Too bad I don’t have time to attend, you see, it’s my annual sock and under wear drawer re-arranging date..


  2. Another rubber stamp for Tari. Will his students show up at the polls for extra credit, er I mean…to participate in the democratic process?

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  3. I can bet the city of Bloomington has Tari’s street cleared so that meet and greet will be well attended. I wonder how soon we see the “meet and greet” on someones P card? They will probably have food,drinks,etc and dont think Tari will pull it out of his pocket.


  4. Here is why Bloomington is hopeless–beyond saving. Ward 6: Not a dime’s with of difference between Jenn and Karen Schmidt, ideologically. Both are extreme Leftists, Schmidt is just “packaged” in a less offensive manner–which isn’t much of a compliment. Ward 8: A hardcore Marxist (and State Farm Tower dweller) Crabill now running unopposed. So even if we stop Georgene Crissell in Ward 2 and Crazy Julie in Ward 4, electing sensible candidates Boelen and Frank, we are left with a Council of 2 sane people among the hard core radicals, just like the sad days when Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower were abused, threatened and basically run off the Council. Add JB and Madigan at the top of the heap, and you can understand while McLean County is becoming a pit.


  5. State Farm Downtown won’t sell due to structural issues. 1) Too many upgrades, 2) Differing materials used for construction in various times of construction (early framing was timber while latter framing was steel) which cause expansion and contraction issues, 3) SF will raze the property due to it being an accounting loss just like selling the Missouri Operations Center in Columbia, MO.


  6. Interesting. YES, the State farm build downtown WAS built in 3 sections. The first along Washington, then later several floors “on the back-or NORTH” along Jefferson, and then the upper floors were added later to the back. I can see where differential coefficients of expansion between steel/wood interface would be cause for concern. Not to mention I’m betting there is asbestos (of which this county is a HELLHOLE for lawsuits) in many part of the boiler facilities.
    Maybe S.F. wil be civic minded and donate it (as a parking lot) to bikeBLONO and they can use it for a bicycle “proving ground” and prove to ALL OF US that there are actually more then 5 people who ride bicycles in this town..


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