Where was Koos?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The citizens vote for people to represent them.  Those representatives then don’t attend meetings.  The ones that do pretend it’s perfectly normal for members to be absent.  Do they still get paid?  Citizens don’t have a right to know why their elected official is MIA?

Last night it was Chris Koos.  Was he sick?  Embarrassed by his really bad news week? (Facebook post and illegal sign ordinance)  Was he off on another taxpayer funded junket?   Kevin McCarthy filled in.

We don’t know where Koos was since the only time his name was mentioned was the roll call.   Still think these people represent you?

Four citizens spoke during Public Comment about Connect Transit.  See 5:22.  All 4 detailed how public transit isn’t meeting the needs of people who rely on their service.  They again demanded appointees to Connect’s Board that represent the most vulnerable.

The final speaker used to ride the bus as a choice, she rarely rides anymore.  She claims with the route changes she no longer can because of the increased time it takes to get anywhere.

Besides approving minutes that mentioned Connect Transit, nothing was on the agenda specific to public transportation.  That means some staff person decided it was okay to change the public comment policy specially for these speakers.  Normal’s illegal policy says comment “must be germane to the meeting agenda of  the public body”.  http://www.normal.org/854/Addressing-the-Council

It appears public comment rules have been changed without a vote.  Maybe the website will get changed without a vote too.  (Normal has a problem admitting when they are wrong)

Listen to the speakers.  Obviously the Connect Transit Board does not represent the people who need the service.  That Board wants to force YOU to ride, not provide service to the most needy.  Normal is still short a representative.

Stan Nord questioned this payment, I hadn’t gotten around to filing a FOIA yet.  Now I don’t have to:

CIRBN builds

This is the FINAL payment on free Wi-Fi for Uptown.  Please explain why anyone would use free government Wi-Fi?  Why would you use any FREE Wi-Fi?  If you value security, don’t!  I don’t know what the total cost was without researching it.

The sparks flew when the Council discussed Nord’s land on W. College.  Stan recused himself, but his lawyer was present and participated in the conversation.

Here’s the basic facts:

  • The land had buildings on it and had been previously developed before Nord bought it
  • The Town claims Nord knew about the fees when he bought the property
  • Nord claims the Town should have collected from previous owners and they have no right to bill him for their failure to collect previously
  • Part of the land can not be developed because of waterways
  • The Town hooked the property up to sewer without charging previous owners

The only reason the Town brought this up is because Nord wanted to put gravel down next to the buildings for use as additional storage for shipping containers.  Instead of just doing it, he contacted the Town to see if he needed any permits.  That is when the Town decided he needed to pay the tap-on fees they have admitted they failed to previously charge.  The amount of fees due seems to vary depending on the whims of the Town.

Karyn Smith proposed cancelling the fees, her motion failed to get a second.  She mentioned a lawsuit by Nord would likely cost more to defend than the fees.

Chemberly Cummings really wants to be a one term Trustee.  She was condescending at best.  Just hit play below to hear her comments.   I hope Cummings remembers her comments the next time the Town gives away public property.

The entire conversation starts at 38:20.  The Council approved a conditional plat.  If a court case is filed it will be interesting to see how the Town explains buildings on the land without a final plat or site plan on file.  Maybe some research into who those previous owners were is warranted.


13 thoughts on “Where was Koos?

  1. Exactly Diane. Who the previous owners were should tell us everything we need to know. Who did they give campaign contributions to? Do they vote Democrat? Are they union? Ya know, the usual high points.

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  2. Cummings is a real piece of work, although I’m not surprised at all. The key is to pretend you don’t hear her. Don’t look at her. Don’t acknowledge her. Responding in any way would legitimize her tone/behavior. She deserves zero respect as long as she gives no respect.

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  3. In MY book MS CUMMINGS just INSULTED the WHOLE of McLean County farmers by calling Stan a “BEAN COUNTER” Most any farmer knows WHAT population of seed they are planting, be it BEANS or CORN. She just showed her stupidity! And as for KOOS, Hopefully he is gone for GOOD!!
    I hope that Stan SHOWS these BULLIES that citizens are tired of their “playground” antics..

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    1. You’re kidding, right? The comment wasn’t referencing actual seeds….”bean counter” is slang for an accountant or someone who obsesses over numbers. During his campaign, Nord was very quick to question ever town expense, but now seems to be seeking special favors related to town finances.


  4. Mayor Koos is a lame duck. The election was too close. He has met some of his goals. He may stay in politics, but not as Mayor of Normal. He knows all of this, maybe it will make him a better mayor.


    1. From what I’ve heard within the Town, Koos will not be running for re-election. But you can bet he’ll hand pick a successor. It’ll be either that hack Dave Shields or Kevin McCarthy.


  5. Taken in a vacuum, Ms Cummings comments make perfect sense. But in the context of the council having given away literally millions in property, tax breaks, blatantly bad deals (for the town) and like for questionable reasons at best, for her to complain about somebody requesting they do right by a few-grand screw-up on the town’s part is blatant hypocrisy.

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  6. Koos is preparing to step down and turn over the reigns to Kevin McCarthy. I’ve seen that one in the works for years. This is how establishment types like Koos operate. THat’s how he got in the mayor’s seat in the first place and he’s paving the way for McCarthy.

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  7. Since Chemberly doesn’t mind paying the extra for the betterment of our community, I’d be more than happy to let her pay my tax bill. Or, better yet, she can step forward and pay Stan’s bill.

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  8. The council does NOT like Mr. Nord. Mr.Nord is NOT the status quo. Mr.Nord is Not the bobblehead like the rest of the council (both of them) Mr.Nord has a brain,unlike the rest of the council. (both of them) Mr.Nord ran on the principle of being for the People of Normal and the rest of the council does not like that. I hope Mr.Nord stands up to the bobbleheads and whups their ass!

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