Ideology means no choices for you

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council spent almost an hour discussing why citizens shouldn’t be allowed to choose the lowest cost electricity under Municipal Aggregation.  The final vote was 7-2 with Aldermen Sage and Mathy against limiting your rights.  The rest of the Council voted with one finger pointed directly at you.

Even with Wind Turbines polluting the countryside around McLean County, Illinois is only producing 5.9% of its energy from renewables.

The original plan before the Council was to give you an option to:  (1)opt out  (2)opt for 100% green energy  (3)opt for the lowest price.

Watch Scott Black at 1:22:00 say he is a big fan of freedom and choice except when the planet must be saved by forcing you to pay more.

The conversation turns to renewable energy credits which means your dollars will be buying pieces of paper so somebody can build more solar farms or wind turbines.

When you elect non-partisan Democrats to the Council it will cost you.  Ideology always takes precedence over common sense.  7 members of this Council will be forcing you to pay for their climate change propaganda.

Check other prices.  You can sign up with a different company and opt out of this nonsense.  Your service will not be affected.  Send me recommendations if you have been checking around.

Just hit play to watch the entire discussion – but I must warn you, it’s painful.  Or, fast forward to Black’s assault on your rights comment.

Note:  I might delete all comments.  Thinking people will never be swayed by any “settled science” nonsense, so don’t even try here.

14 thoughts on “Ideology means no choices for you

  1. Alderman Black’s vote does nothing to save the planet. Progressive icons former Secretary of State John Kerry and environmental guru Joel Rogers have both publicly stated: (That we can ban all automobiles, and completely shut down the US economy and that will have zero impact on climate change.)
    If Alderman Black truly believes his propoganda than he will refrain from flying to any more un needed conferences across the country which leave an enormous carbon footprint.

  2. I wonder if the wind turbines in the area were built with 100% renewable energy? (Rhetorical question here) I am glad there are many different types of energy available, but we have to find ways to make them more affordable.

    If a private citizen came to me and said, “I will personally give you $10,000 to cover the cost of putting solar panels on your house,” I would consider it. You can sell the excess energy, if there is any, back to the grid. However, I do not expect the government to take $10,000 from a collective group of taxpayers, and give it to me as a grant to do so.

    Unfortunately people complain about what is happening in Bloomington and understand what Renner is doing – questionable ethics, blatantly violating the law, taxing under one guise to fund pet projects under another (ex. motor fuel tax) – but then they don’t do anything about it at the ballot box. The reason I say that is I feel this is another time where citizens of Bloomington will be upset about this and what is happening but then do nothing about it.

  3. Renewable Energy is making the Electric Company’s try an”End Around” play. It now seems they are proposing to lower the amount they would have to pay someone that produces Renewable Energy and pass that Energy on to the Electric Grid. This move is intended to stop a homeowner from trying to sell excess energy and may actually be forced to pay that Electric Co. to “take it”. Then they would still charge the end user the same full rate no matter if the Ele. Co was paid to “take”it. In effect forcing you to subsidize the power company to “take'” you’re money. Might be time to start charging Power Company’s for that free right away down the roads to your homes. Hmmmm.

  4. Watching the whole thing. I love public comment. He cannot help himself. Every time a citizen addresses him during public comment, he says “typically, we don’t respond….but….I’m gonna.”

    He seriously has a problem.

  5. Hey Tari (I know you don’t visit this site anymore – wink wink) Paying back Margo’s ticket is not the issue. The issue is it shouldn’t have been on the PCard in the first place. That…is the violation.

  6. NO simple solutions, only INTELLIGENT choices! There ALWAYS has to be electricity in the grid, whether it from coal, nuclear, wind or solar. If the wind stops, coal and or nuclear or solar kicks in. etc….

    1. And your point is? As we all know that is what we have “today” may be not what we have “tomorrow.”

  7. It has been estimated that the cost to mine, refine, manufacture, transport, erect and maintain a windmill takes much more energy than the windmill will produce during it’s entire lifetime. It is called flushing taxpayer money down the drain to “feel good”. I am still waiting for the day when a tornado we don’t detect because of the windmills effect on radar kills multiple people.

  8. Sorry to differ with you Dawson Lake, but I farm by a windmill and they DO affect the weather! You can see a VERY SIMPLE difference on radar vs personal observation! The radar will say you got 1 inch of rain and the gauge will have 3, and also vice versa. They also bring down the cooler air in the fall and bring frost earlier then we used to get.
    As well as creating a somewhat of a “heat sink” for storms, which either dumps copious amounts of rain OR skips over you. , Come out sometime and I’d be HAPPY to show you! You CAN’T argue with personal observation!

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