Bloomington: Your Mayor

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you question Mayor Renner or publicly disagree with his actions on any subject – YOU will get attacked.

I’m sure you remember when he attacked me:

I talked to a reporter tonight who told me about another vile email Tari sent a couple of weeks ago, but he didn’t know about this one – note the time.  Tari is responding to an email that wasn’t sent to him, but was likely forwarded to him.  (click to enlarge)

Your Mayor is a bully and completely unfit for public service.

Tari acts like a social elitist and mere citizens should kneel in his presence.  He is at best insulting and at worst abusive to anyone who doesn’t believe he is god’s greatest gift to Bloomington!

Of course, Not In Our Town won’t care.  Will the City Council?  They received the email yesterday.

How does Tari expect any businesses to start or relocate here?  With him representing Bloomington, they will likely flee!





14 thoughts on “Bloomington: Your Mayor

  1. Renner is an ideological Marxist.
    Renner is a criminal.
    Renner is a bully.
    Renner has subverted the city of Bloomington hiring and staffing process to persecute and destroy Conservatives, Republicans, traditionalists and Christians–both employees and the citizens they serve.
    Renner shows classic symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    Renner has long been rumored to have a severe alcohol abuse problem.
    Renner’s brief government service in Washington DC has some very unseemly elements.

    Yet the Left-wing elite and Marxist storm troopers of Bloomington Normal will support him to the death.

    Truly pathetic!


  2. Note the time Renner sent the email, 2:46am. What’s-a-matter-man, can’t sleep at night worrying about getting caught on that ill advisable Pcard use? Out late drinking? Burritos bigger than your head waking you up for some Pepto?


  3. The similarities between Renner and Trump are quite concerning if not comical. They consistently undermine their own messaging because they have such poor impulse control. Why exactly do they have communication personnel if they insist on doing all the talking?


  4. I have tried to find something that explains how Bruce Meeks has cost the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars but I have come up empty.


      1. The city of Bloomington could also take steps to make this process easier for the citizens by posting things online so that citizens are not forced to go on a seek and find mission where things have the appearance of a cover up. In addition a more timely response to citizen requests for information and making sure citizens get all they have requested when they request it could go a long way in improving relations between citizens and city.


      2. That’s pretty much what I figured, it’s typical of the false accusations they always throw at others when they are feeling a little uneasy/threatened, and the non-curious ignorant people who fawn over them will believe that somehow this person cost the city thousands of dollars – so sick of their lies.


  5. Think about this folks: Tari comfortably writes in this manner to people who he perceives as his politically enemies, like Diane and Bruce, knowing the contents might be made public. CAN YOU IMAGINE his tone and language in communications that he is confident will remain hidden–like to his Communist Fellow Travelers, his Black Lives Matter and Antifa thug enforcers, and his Deep State anarchist friends in Washington DC. If you don’t despise Renner because of his ideology, you at least better be scared to death of him, because he is one sick puppy.


    1. I have a lot of friends who work for the City in various capacities, from laborers to cops & firemen, to department heads. Every one of them says he’s a vulgar tyrant to anyone he views as beneath him. Many of them have never publically disagreed with him…he just views himself as better / smarter / more enlightened than them. He talks behind peoples’ backs, gossips, etc….just like a 13 year old.

      Too bad he “doesn’t read this blog” anymore (wink wink), or he could explain his public and private treatment of we “little people.”


  6. WHAT is Tari doing answering emails at 2:30 a.m? Trying to PROVE he needs an AID. YES he does! Anyone who can’t get a GRASP on reality NEEDS to be put out to pasture-they do that to the BEST race horses! Now the council NEEDS to HEED this or they ALSO need the boot in the pygidium! OR as the Yankees used to say “throw the bums out”!! THis is TWICE now that Tari has expounded on his “thoughts’ of those who would challenge his “wisdom” not in MY town! !! Got that Joni, Dianne, Amelia, Dave? Plain STRAIGHT UP-He’s a SCHMUCK!


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