By:  Diane Benjamin

Of course this is on the Consent Agenda – No discussion required!

The Council is being asked to codify discrimination in the City Code.  It will be legal to prosecute anyone that isn’t a non-profit and government-funded.

In other words, Connect Transit can have electronic signs, but only them.  Nobody else can because it might distract other drivers.  Evidently electronic signs on empty buses won’t be a distraction, but other electronic signs cause chaos since drivers are too stupid to watch the road.

This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Page 175:

The Zoning Board of Appeals passed this less than brilliant plan in July.  Even though a private citizen was at their hearing and protested “government only” abuse, the Board didn’t care.  The vote was 4-2.

Feel a boot slamming your head into the ground yet?  No? Don’t worry – they will get to controlling you too.


10 thoughts on “More CONTROL

  1. The one bus with the Young American Reality wrap around HAS to be the most distracting thing on the streets here-PERIOD! Now, consider this, The LED sign on IAA at Bremmer jewelry was taken down (because of complaints?) and the Markorena had a big flashing sign, As did Pilot truck stop @ one time, so WHY do we need MOVING flashing signs?
    Heck. I had a woman darn near run me over this morning @ the store backing out of a handicapped spot, and she ran over the curb on the OPPOSITE side of the lot-BACKING UP!!.
    You REALLY want these people reading AND driving??
    I’ve come to the conclusional though that these town IS run by IDIOTS!
    ps: what all restaurants are having $1 hot dogs on Tuesday to celebrate Portbella opening!


  2. Distractions by “transportation systems that are both publicly funded and not for profit” are acceptable. However a capitalistic endeavor would cause drivers to become distracted and cause motor vehicle accidents. So make laws that benefit government. Ignore the ones you don’t like.


  3. I must admit I hadn’t given this issue much thought and was initially in favor of it. That was because I was surprised that for once Connect Transit is looking for a way to generate their own revenue rather than coming to the city asking for a handout. That in itself it extraordinary.


  4. Sooooo….they’re going to cover that $1,000,000 monthly operating shortfall with this advertising?

    Pfft…I know better. I’m betting these rocket scientist will give that advertising space away for $50/mo. per bus.

    Who are Tari’s friends in the advertising or signage business? My guess is that’s who is going to be popping champagne tonight when they approve it – after feigning a careful deliberation, of course.


    1. Snyder Group owns and operates the LED billboards in town. I’m not sure if they are involved in this Connect Transit venture.


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