How many LIES will you tolerate?

By:  Diane Benjamin

“Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” 
–Thomas Jefferson

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves.” 
–William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783

Just this year the City of Bloomington created a Transportation Committee, a Police Review Board, and a Downtown Task Force.  All were created to CONTROL.  When government gets bigger and bigger the citizens are robbed to pay for it.

Tonight the Council will discuss creating a space for two more employees by taking over the Downtown Bloomington Association.

Earlier this month I posted a story with the DBA tax return income:

Page 25: 

The DBA bduget is $90,000 a year?  That’s the exact amount Bloomington is still giving them YEARS after they were charged with supporting themselves!

That means NO downtown businesses still support the DBA?  Nobody is giving them money or paying dues to belong and help promote downtown.  Seriously?

Since the DBA 2016 tax return isn’t available, we don’t know the truth.  It looks to me like the City didn’t want to mention the thousands lost from downtown businesses because the DBA as a non-profit won’t exist.   The City docs don’t say contributions from downtown businesses, hoping for success, will disappear.  Taxpayers will be on the hook, not the downtown business owners who stand to profit.  In 2015 Revenue shows $120,888, that means $30,888 will vanish only to be made up by taxpayers.

The entire premise for the City taking over the non-profit is that $90,000 isn’t enough to make a difference and it could be spent better by the City.  So how much of that $90,000 is left after the two stated full-time DBA employees become City employees?  Zero!  Instead the City will spend $182,457 more.

The City has been showering money on the DBA for years with very little change downtown.

2010 – Downtown Bloomington Assoc $325,328.03  Page 2:

2009 – Downtown Bloomington Assoc $191,200.00 Page 28

Yearly Expenditure Reports aren’t available for previous years.

At the next Council meeting, unless the Alderman end it tonight, they will probably vote for more government employees.  Shoveling money at the DBA has failed, but City employees and their spending are easier to hide.  The City docs also state these new employees can assist in making the permit process easier for people wanting to invest downtown.  DBA employees are fluent in the permit process?  Let that one sink in and draw your own conclusions.

Maybe Alderman Jamie Mathy can explain why the DBA needs to be dissolved  – he used to run the Board.


10 thoughts on “How many LIES will you tolerate?

  1. The proposal to incorporate the DBA into the City is most likely a result of Downrown Task Force discussions. Trish Stiller is the “executive director” of the DBA and was appointed to the Task Force by Renner along with Mathy and Amelia. Ms. Stiller has been actively seeking a position with the City for quite some time.


  2. Don’t the DBA also advertise the farmers market? I don’t see ANY signs in yards, and WHERE does the $90K go? Does Stiller have a Pcard? If so, WHAT expenses does she have on it?


  3. My first major concern is how they try to say this will save $90k but ignore how this will add almost $200k in yearly expenses plus two more state retirees, likely with lavish benefits based on huge salaries when they retire.

    What I am seeing is that they run a few events but don’t really add much value. Here is what I hear about Downtown: 1.) People don’t want to come downtown Th-Sat nights because of the drunk college kids. 2.) People don’t want to come downtown Th-Sat nights because of parking. 3.) People don’t want to come downtown Th-Sat nights because the restaurants are mostly small and it’s hard to get a table. 4.) There are safety issues going downtown. I see valid points for all of those reasons I am hearing. Business owners and people who live in the area can do something about this, but subsidizing very expensive positions at the detriment of taxpayers from all over doesn’t sound like the best position.

    A few thoughts: 1.) How about actually holding people accountable for their dilapidated buildings? If they don’t fix them, fine them first and then start other legal proceedings. 2.) If Downtown Businesses want an aura of safety, why not hire private security or pay the cost of extra police patrols? I would venture why bars would not want extra police around, but perhaps some would be interested in hiring some private security. 3.) Find more activities like Farmers Markets that draw people and can raise funds for their organization. Having a Farmers Market really doesn’t have a major expense, and it seems to draw a decent number of people. Any funds collected though from setting up tables should be invested for other Downtown projects.

    What I see this as: a way for the Mayor and select others to get more government jobs for their supporters and co-horts. More money into downtown means likely means more money for the Mathy family businesses. I don’t think you’ll see him recuse himself though.


  4. The City of Bloomington is where former Pantagraph employees rebound.


  5. No doubt. The City created positions for some. You know . . . they deserve it as they are such ‘integral’ members of our community. It would be sad to see them leave, or possibly be unemployed as their ‘journalism’ skills are no longer needed. But hey, the City can always carry some more dead weight, right???

    Incidentally, who will they hire, Uriah Heep or Patsy McStooge, as Mayoral Assistant?


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