Hovering on a cliff

By:  Diane Benjamin

Source:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14181

The 2017 year ended for the City of Bloomington last April 30th.  We are most likely MONTHS away from seeing real financial statements, late is what governments do and the private sector would never tolerate.

I did find a glimpse into what they will say – see the link above.

David Hales claims the City needs $2 million to pay back a $40 million bond he wants for capital improvements.  Here’s some help Dave:

The Coliseum got One and half million from the General Fund – through February!

There’s 3/4ths of what you need to pay the bond!

See page 7 – the BCPA lost $807,273 before you subsidized them by paying higher sales taxes.  Even with $1.4 million in taxes, after paying principal and interest on the construction loans, they still lost $243,567.

The Zoo lost $463,892

Pepsi Ice earned $224,941, but that doesn’t include any payments on the building.

The Council and David Hales are going to look at users fees instead of General Fund subsidies.  Anybody think these will be included?

The tax summary we used to see every month was included.  It’s not hard to see why this is no longer part of the City Manager’s report:

I wonder if Tari Renner knows his spending and taxing policies are to blame for Bloomington’s fiscal cliff?

Maybe that’s why he didn’t show up last night!

Maybe he didn’t want to hear from citizens.

The Council did nothing to show they are concerned about the Mayor being investigated.  I remember them not caring about the Coliseum concessions either.  I wonder if they will claim victory when that investigation is complete?

I bet Renner calls a press conference to claim the investigation was his idea (if he hasn’t resigned by then).  Maybe Hales can be there, Scott Black too.

You can’t fool all the people all the time – they will try though.





5 thoughts on “Hovering on a cliff

  1. S.Bean: “Hey Tari! Yeah, hey I want to buy a new Mercedes and could use a little help. All I need is a down payment and I’m good to go.”
    Tari: “Huh? What are you talking about?”
    S. Bean: “No worries T., just put it on your Pcard. I’ll pay it back. I’ll write the city a check right now, just don’t cash it. I kind of need you to hold that check for about three weeks, but I’ll date it today.”
    Tari: “Let’s go out for lunch and talk about campaign donations.”
    S. Bean: “Lunch? Sure, you buyin’?”

  2. WHAT? The zoo lost $463,000?? Well, better get Tari out there and fluffer up the feathers on them pink flamingos and help make some cash!!
    Either that or buy them lunch and save the zoo some cash.
    What about koalas? we NEED some of them!!

  3. The City has a fiduciary duty to repay the $2M “loan” taken from the Employee Health Account for the purpose of presenting a “balanced” budget w/o tax increase pre-election before any pet projects are put in place. It was also decided to wait until after the election to announce the water/sewer fees. Sneaky!!

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