We are all racist

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night the Normal Town Council met for over the usual 10-20 minutes.  Most of the time was the discussion of community policing.

Judging people on the content of their character and not the color of the skin is officially dead.  RIP Martin Luther King.

Police must now enforce social equity, not the law.  They are expected to practice holistic law enforcement.

In medicine holistic means: treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

Your police now need to be skilled in assessing mental health and social status of suspects before determining is they should be held accountable for a crime.

Racial success will be declared when all races gather together at Uptown Circle for events promoted by government.  Yes, that comment was made during the presentation. (minus the funded by government)

One person spoke the most, can you guess which one?


The guy on the left mentioned Latinos were afraid to go in Normal.  News flash:  Driving in Normal is a hazard to your wallet regardless of your ethnicity.  The speed limit on College isn’t 30 because it needs to be.

I have police in my family.  If racist officers are on the streets, their fellow officers need to report them.  Most aren’t racists.  Our society has devolved into “everybody is offended” by everything.  Police officers will soon be accused of racist micro-aggressions and sent to re-education camps.  I’m not sure why anyone would want to Protect and Serve now.  Equal justice under the law is dead, along with common sense.

Fast forward to 45:50 to hear your City Manager call you and your church racist.  Your government is officially the thought police.   The real racists are the Town of Normal government burying the poor in debt and ever-increasing taxes and fees.  Yes racism does exist.  Government programs are great at promoting it – subconsciously of course.


Let the hate comments begin!


15 thoughts on “We are all racist

  1. This video is very telling. Citizen seats are empty….except for the BLM crowd. They have nothing better to do than cause division…disrupt…and they show up. That’s how they force their extremist agendas on the majority.

  2. I have watched the meeting in its entirety as I do with all Council meetings and this is very disturbing. What Peterson describes as his proudest moment as City Manager should be quite frightening to any town of Normal employee. Most of all it’s offensive to our police force and religious community. I’m most concerned about what the future holds as the town takes steps to “eradicate racism.” At a time when so many people are offended by what our president says or doesn’t say, THIS IS OFFENSIVE TO ME. Town of Normal, this is a very dark window into how your city manager and the rest of your city government feels about you, your police force and our churches.

  3. Here is an extremely offensive quote Normal City Manager Mark Peterson made during the meeting

    “With the acceptance of the fact that racial bias exists in our department, as it does in virtually every American institution, we must strive to address it here and now, and we intend to make the Normal Police Department ground zero in our community’s efforts to eradicate racism,” he said. “We don’t plan to stop there.”

    ACCEPTANCE OF THE FACT???? Dear Mr. Peterson, it is NOT nice to see my overpaid, soon to retire, City Manager throwing the police department under BLM’s racebaiting bus. I wonder how their union thinks of that jab in the eye?

  4. “We don’t plan to stop there.” What? WHAT?

    Send swat teams into citizen’s homes who might have a Confederate flag on the wall of their garage?

    Ban decedents of slave holders from city contracts or employment?

    Monitor social media for alleged (and constitutionally protected) so called “hate speech”?

    The scary thing is that the low intellect Leftist of this Community are reading this and saying: “Yeah!…Go For It!…Run Them Outta Town!”. Folks, this is out of control!

    1. The first amendment no longer lives. I’d rather know who the real racists are than have them operate in the darkness unidentified. Hate speech is the most vital to protect since the slippery slope will quickly assault all speech.

  5. Evidence that the Kiing Koos regime along with shity manager Mark Peterson hate the Constitution and love the social engineering of Communism with free lunch Tari bringing Bloomington right along.

    1. Ha!! With a salary of $200K/year, I would call that “white privilege.” IMO, “white privilege” is a baiting phrase meant to trigger a response.

  6. Yes, there is bias expressed in this country and community both overtly and subconsciously against many subgroups. There are many -isms…racism, sexism, cultural-ism (including religious beliefs) and so on. One cannot control the color of one’s skin, sex or ethnic background. Yes, there is “work to be done” to foster understanding but how does one overcome personal experience of a negative interaction with a particular subgroup?
    Having said that, the most insidious -ism which one can control is the promotion and practice of Socialism or Marxism in a country whose law of the land is the Constitution.

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