Update:  The Income Statement was not available for Board approval because an audit of last year (ending June 30th) was underway.  Both July and August will be approved in September.  Something else the private sector would never tolerate, but Connect isn’t private.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Connect Transit meeting yesterday:  http://www.connect-transit.com/documents/8-22-2017%20Regular%20Board%20Meeting%20Binder1.pdf

No Income Statement was included in the packet – so how much Connect lost in July is a secret (for now).

Some interesting spending:

Security cameras? Are there problems on the buses?

The loss of passengers has been stopped for now, but take a closer look. Connect Transit serves 132,000+ people in Bloomington – Normal.  Daily fixed route boardings were 5,442.  Divide that in half since the riders probably took a return bus trip too.  That means 2,721 people boarded per day.

Connect Transit serves 2,721 people per day out of 132,000.  They likely lost more than $800,000 doing it.  That 2,721 is 2% of the population.

Still want single payer government healthcare?

(Are you nuts?)





8 thoughts on “UPDATE: 2%!

      1. There will be new shelters but there is a lack of crosswalks located near the shelters that I’ve seen–so much for protection of transit users.

      2. Details, details. The board members don’t pay attention to details. If they did, the transit system would not be in the financial straits facing them now.

  1. CT’s loading statistics listed the other day in the Pravdagraph for locations of where these now-ordered shelters will go are interesting. Both Walmart stops each have 300 embarkments/disembarkments daily. From there the numbers dwindled down greatly to a few in the 30’s and then lower yet. Will these be on each side of the street for stops in either direction of travel? On another note, hope the new buses they got the state grant for are more correctly sized (smaller) to fit the miniscule number of passengers.

    1. I bet they are the big ones. The State wants to force you to ride, so small just isn’t good enough. I hope no riders at Walmart on Greenbriar get hit. I’ve seen people with walkers trying to get across the busy street.

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