Coliseum Investigation

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m happy to see the Illinois State Police were called in to investigate the former management of the Coliseum.


I have no proof they are investigating my allegations that surfaced because of my lawsuit,


that David Hales is being investigated for his role.

CIAM would not have been able to pay the City less than required by the contract if David Hales had been doing his job.  All he had to do is review concession sales and do some easy math.

Since the State Police have not interviewed me, they may not even be looking at concession sales.

Time will tell.

I was on WJBC this afternoon with Dan Swaney and WEEK did an interview which should air tonight.

This is a link to my investigation:


16 thoughts on “Coliseum Investigation

  1. I am confident this would not be a story if you had never brought it to public attention. The mayor and city manager are now busy spinning the story to act like they were on top of it all along. Great job Diane!


  2. This is great for you to get the media coverage you deserve! Now if the Pantagraph would stop censoring (deleting) comments from their online stories especially when the comments are based on researched information.


  3. Great job Diane, but it’s really NO surprise, as I’ve mentioned in the past, how WONDERFUL CIAM books were kept! Although, crayon IS pretty hard to erase!


  4. Is there an emoticon for applause? You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. I imagine when you are not writing you have a pot of coffee and a stack of papers in front of you. Clearly your accounting degree has paid big dividends.


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