Tonight’s debt explosion

By:  Diane Benjamin

The only Regular Agenda item tonight for the Bloomington City Council is the race to debt.  (Capital Improvement Plan)

For decades essential spending on roads, sewers, pensions, and maintenance have been neglected for “Quality of Life” items.

Now, in an obvious election year proposal, the Council will debate borrowing money to fix everything at once.  Bring on the union labor (and votes).

This one page is all you need to know:  page 140

debtAbolishing HOME RULE should be on the ballot next year.

It’s Home Rule that provides no debt limit.  Taxes can be raised at will – this Council has plenty of WILL to fleece you so pet projects don’t get cuts.

Where do you think that “stable revenue stream without reducing critical operations” is going to come from?

Existing taxes?  Dream on!

Now that Diana Hauman has announced she is running for Mayor, when will Tari drop out?

This is Tari’s year #4.  The roads are only marginally better.  Taxes have increased everywhere.  Bloomington is spiraling down, except for subsidized businesses.  Numerous Open Meetings Act violations are pending against Renner, then add his comments here that led to his censure.  Tari must have figured out he is cooked.

Enter Hauman, exit Renner.






6 thoughts on “Tonight’s debt explosion

  1. He’s cooked? Ahhhhh, the cannibalisation within their own ranks begins. Pop some corn, salt it up and grab a beer. Here comes da judge!

  2. Off topic but CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for pushing the City on the Coliseum. It’s so good to see you vindicated as WJBC and the Pantagraph have to publicize YOUR work. I’ll bet it makes them SICK to do it —- and I LOVE IT.

  3. Tari should be out, but Kevin Lower should be voted in. The two people that have announced they will be running for Mayor should not be elected. They both are “yes” people for Renner and Hales.

  4. It appears there are now FOUR people in the race for Mayor. (Renner, Hauman, Lower and ??????). In order to force a primary there MUST be five mayoral candidates. If there are not five mayoral candidates then the potential exists to have either Renner or Hauman slip through. Just sayin’….

    1. Only Renner and Hauman have made an announcement. Who are the other 2 who have made an official announcement?

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