Attn: Farmers – EPA is after you

By:  Diane Benjamin

The EPA is now out to regulate how farmers treat their land.  Did you know plowing creates mini-mountain ranges?  Did you know those mini ranges create disturbed wetlands?


The whole report is 38 pages, see it at this link:

This excerpt is from page two.  While we all thought we lived in a free country, government has conspired against us for decades.


Send the GOP a thank-you card for looking out for us.

They are doing a great job!




9 thoughts on “Attn: Farmers – EPA is after you

  1. Sounds like we might need a Libertarian or two in Office. Have you given any thought to Gary Johnson and Bill Weld? They have some pretty definite policy concerns regarding government involvement with private property, personal liberties, etc..


      1. I didn’t know Governor Johnson ever lost an election. It sounds like he did a Rauner and just ran for Governor his first time out. I know he couldn’t run for a third term as New Mexico Governor (they have a two term limit). I don’t know about Governor Weld he won back to back elections in Massachusetts and then moved and tried for Governor of New York, (lost) but I don’t believe either of those states have term limits.


      2. True he did run for President and lost and no doubt Governor Johnson will lose Illinois. I have come to the realization that I have to vote for the candidate that I think best represents my interests/beliefs and so far the two big party candidates are both out of the running for me. I believe that if everyone voted their conscience instead of for the “lesser of two evils” it might actually get someone elected that will represent us (even here in Illinois).


    1. Gary Johnson supports mandatory vaccinations of which is about as anti-personal liberty as you can get. M
      Many studies and much research has been done on the ineffectiveness (including the hypocritical CDC admission) of the ever growing Big Pharma push for vaccines that generate massive profits for them. The essence of personal liberty is to allow people to choose whether or not to inject themselves with toxins. Johnson/Weld are jokers.

      Jill Stein invited the Bern (socialist-commie) to join the Green Party and the dems screwed him so she is out.

      That being said the more I listen to speeches by Donald Trump the more I am convinced that he is a strong supporter of putting America FIRST of which has not been practiced by the office of POTUS or much of congress for quite sometime and should be every Americans number one objective. I have come to believe that Trump is a good choice for president and I do not consider him to be a part of the populist cliche of the lesser of two evils. This is probably the most important election of our lives as the next president will appoint three supreme court justices. Any vote not for Trump will only help Hillary. Think about that as she will attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment and without the teeth the 2nd Amendment provides us to stand agains the tyranny of government, we are toast.


      1. He recently changed his mind regarding vaccines (made mandatory) BUT he also says it is a local matter NOT a Federal one. Which is all I ask. That way I can move to a State that has laws I agree with but when The Federal government is involved then I would have to leave the country. He believes as many do that the States should make their own laws as we are a Union of Individual States. The Federal government is merely there to protect our national borders and regulate commerce between the states.
        Side note- Speaking as a veteran, Johnson says he will end our involvement in all these foreign wars. I ageee we should bring our brothers and sisters home.
        Thanks for the input. I had forgotten his change of position on vaccines.


  2. @ Troy,,,here is a quote from Gary Johnson as recent as Aug. 2016 “In my opinion, this is a local issue. “If it ends up to be a federal issue, I would come down on the side of science, and I would probably require that vaccine.” This quote was found at:
    So it would appear that the idea that whoever controls the official science doctrine at the time will over ride the personal liberty of what one chooses to put into their own body. Whether federal or state, mandatory vaccines are brought on by the lobbyists and crooked politicians that take the payoffs from big pharma.


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